Groceries are the most important part of your livelihood. Can you imagine your life without using soaps and toothpaste? Or, is it possible to run life without buying vegetables? The answer is utterly a no, but the main concern in India is: after clothing, electronic gadgets, footwear and cosmetics, groceries are leading the online shopping sites. Now the question is are Indians ready to cop it up with?


Growth of online grocery in India:

The notion of online grocer is more acceptable by the youngsters in India than the elderly dwellers. The young consumers deeply support the system. Numerous young consumers in India cannot go to physical retailers to buy groceries due to their work pressure. Thus, the online purchase of groceries in India isrising gradually day by day.

A survey shows that the hike about 55% at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will be projected in the online grocery market from the following years of 2011 to 2021. Due to the easy availability of several products, easy access from smartphones, the growth will get doubled in the next five years. Over the preceding years, online grocery retailers promoted their digital marketing massively to create public awareness and earn their response.

The online grocery market is lifting especially in the states like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore etc. Research proves that the rage of the online grocer will spread in other metro cities like Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata etc. This may take some time but the success is inevitable. Other states in India are not accepting the concept owing to the lighter awareness and lack of confidence. But, the e-grocers are using their master strategies to step foot in those states.

The favors of online grocery in the Indian’s life

Online grocery shopping has arrived as a boon in the life of Indians. The citizens of the metro cities are taking full advantages of it. Here are some of the primary perks that the users can avail:

Saves fuel costs:

 Lucky are those who got their grocery store near their house. Most of the cases, people have to travel a faraway distance to get their groceries. If you calculate the everyday expense of your fuel or vehicle charge for buying grocery, you will find a huge investment. With the advent of online grocery, you can smoothly get your requirements sitting at home with zero transportation charge.

Less painful:

Online grocery shopping has erased much pain. Suppose its 11 degree Celsius temperature outside, but, your groceries are not yet done. In such cases, the virtual grocer helps to ease your worry by delivering your items at your door.

Offers and discount:

This is the most happening fact about the online grocery revolution. By availing various hefty discounts and offers like Grofers promotional codes, big basket offers, etc you can get your groceries at a considerably lower price. Moreover, online shopping can offer you multiple cashback offers and discounts

Consumers’ interests in online grocery purchase:

Recent research shows that consumers are far more comfortable with the concept of virtual groceries. The customers are finding the online platform of purchasing groceries easier to access. They do not need to stand long in the queue like the physical stores. Moreover, the payment option is also convenient. Additionally, often they amazing deals on the goods. The big basket offers a great discount on several grocery items including food grains, spices, oil, etc.

Apart from that, few sites like Amazon the customers with the facility of same-day delivery in eateries. This facility fascinates the buyers as they are arranging fresh vegetables and fruits effortlessly.