Usually, buying a car through a dealership is easier than getting one from a private seller. The reason is simple—a dealer facilitates many other aspects of car purchase, such as arranging for car loans, paying taxes, clearing state registrations and more. A dealer also helps in getting car insurance for your new car. While buying a car insurance policy through a dealer could be a more convenient option, remember the policy may or may not be the best one to meet your needs. Confused? Don’t be. Here are some aspects that you must consider while buying motor insurance through a dealer.

  • Fixed options

The main function of a car dealer is to sell new or/and used cars. Selling a car insurance policy is an additional service. The dealer usually ties up with reputed insurance companies with standard policies that cater to most customer needs. But if you prefer a certain brand of insurance, check for their availability with the dealer.

  • Limited choice for add-on covers

You should choose the add-on covers carefully and only depending on your requirement and budget. Otherwise, it would be a loss on your part. The add-on covers available with your car dealer are usually intended to support an average customer.

Do your research before buying the policy. Nowadays, almost all insurers have an online presence, and you can see several comprehensive plans and add-on covers along with the prices online. Some insurers would give you the option of customised plans. You will also get discounts from your insurer if you buy car insurance online. Besides, there are many quote-comparison websites where you will find the products of different insurers simultaneously. You can compare plans and select the best car insurance policy as per your requirement and budget. This way, you can take your decisions independently.

Buying car insurance from a dealer is easy and convenient, but so is buying online from the insurer directly. So research well and make an informed decision to buy the policy from your dealer or online, whichever suits your needs the best.