Investing in power supply companies’ stocks in India presents an opportunity to capitalize on the nation’s increasing demand for reliable energy sources. As of 2023, India’s energy sector is undergoing significant transformation, driven by a shift towards renewable energy sources and advancements in technology. However, investing in stocks carries risks, and thorough research and consideration of financial goals are crucial before making investment decisions. However, here are some of the top power supply companies in India that investors might consider exploring in 2023:

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) stands as India’s largest exploration and production company, specializing in hydrocarbon resources. As a major player in the energy sector, ONGC plays a crucial role in ensuring the country’s energy security. With a strong focus on oil and gas exploration, production, and refining, the company contributes significantly to India’s energy needs. ONGC’s operational expertise and commitment to sustainable practices underline its importance in the nation’s energy landscape. Through its continuous efforts to enhance domestic production and explore new opportunities, ONGC remains integral to India’s energy self-sufficiency and economic growth.

  • Market Cap₹ 2,21,413 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 176
  • Stock P/E5.53
  • Book Value₹ 223

Coal India

Coal India Limited, the world’s largest coal mining company, holds a pivotal role in India’s energy sector. As the primary supplier of coal to power plants and industries, the company plays a crucial role in the country’s energy production and economic growth. With a vast coal reserve base, Coal India caters to diverse sectors, including power generation, steel, cement, and more. The company’s efforts to improve efficiency, sustainable mining practices, and explore new avenues reflect its commitment to meeting India’s energy demands while considering environmental concerns. As a critical player in the energy ecosystem, Coal India’s performance influences India’s industrial and energy landscape.

  • Market Cap₹ 1,42,205 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 231
  • Stock P/E5.26
  • Book Value₹ 92.9

NTPC Limited

NTPC Limited, India’s largest power generation company, holds a significant position in the energy sector. With a diverse energy portfolio encompassing coal, gas, hydro, solar, and wind power, NTPC contributes substantially to the nation’s energy supply. The company’s focus on sustainable growth, technological innovation, and environmental responsibility aligns with India’s energy transition goals. NTPC’s expansive presence in power generation, transmission, and distribution underscores its vital role in the energy ecosystem. Through its consistent performance and commitment to clean energy, NTPC remains a key player in driving India’s energy self-sufficiency and supporting economic development.

  • Market Cap₹ 2,15,120 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 222
  • Stock P/E12.0
  • Book Value₹ 152

Adani Green Energy Limited

Adani Green Energy Limited, a leading player in the renewable energy sector, is at the forefront of India’s transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. With a strong emphasis on solar and wind power projects, the company contributes significantly to India’s green energy goals. Adani Green Energy’s commitment to innovation, technological advancements, and environmental stewardship positions it as a key contributor to reducing carbon emissions. Through strategic investments and partnerships, the company continues to expand its renewable energy capacity, making a substantial impact on India’s energy landscape while aligning with global sustainability objectives.

  • Market Cap₹ 1,60,906 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 1,016
  • Stock P/E131
  • Book Value₹ 46.1

Tata Power Company Limited

Tata Power Company Limited, a prominent name in the energy sector, is a diversified power generation and distribution company in India. With a wide-ranging portfolio that includes thermal, hydro, solar, and wind power, Tata Power plays a critical role in meeting the country’s energy demands. The company’s focus on sustainable growth, innovative technologies, and customer-centric solutions underscores its commitment to reliable and clean energy sources. Tata Power’s efforts to drive efficiency and its engagement in new energy ventures position it as a driving force in India’s energy transformation journey, contributing to a greener and more energy-secure future.

  • Market Cap₹ 77,886 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 244
  • Stock P/E23.1
  • Book Value₹ 90.1

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) is a key player in India’s power transmission and distribution sector. As the nation’s principal electric power transmission utility, POWERGRID plays a vital role in efficiently transporting electricity across vast distances. With a focus on grid reliability, modernization, and technological innovation, the company ensures a stable power supply to regions across the country. Its robust infrastructure and commitment to integrating renewable energy sources into the grid highlight its role in supporting India’s energy transition. As an essential part of the power ecosystem, POWERGRID’s contributions facilitate economic growth and energy access.

  • Market Cap₹ 1,73,131 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 248
  • Stock P/E11.4
  • Book Value₹ 119

JSW Energy Limited

JSW Energy Limited, a significant participant in India’s energy sector, is a leading power generation company with a focus on thermal and hydroelectric power sources. The company’s commitment to sustainable energy practices and environmental responsibility aligns with India’s clean energy goals. JSW Energy’s efforts to diversify its energy portfolio, including exploring renewable sources, contribute to a more balanced and eco-friendly power generation mix. With a combination of technological innovation and operational excellence, JSW Energy continues to play a crucial role in meeting the nation’s energy demands while considering the long-term impact on the environment.

  • Market Cap₹ 59,101 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 359
  • Stock P/E49.4
  • Book Value₹ 113

Adani Power Limited

Adani Power Limited, a prominent player in the power generation sector, focuses on thermal power projects to meet India’s growing energy needs. The company’s commitment to operational efficiency and innovation underscores its role in ensuring a consistent power supply. Adani Power’s strategic initiatives, including expansion plans and efforts to enhance fuel security, demonstrate its dedication to contributing to India’s energy security. While conventional in nature, Adani Power’s efforts to balance its energy mix and explore cleaner technologies reflect an awareness of the evolving energy landscape. As a significant contributor to India’s power generation capacity, Adani Power’s performance influences the nation’s industrial growth and energy stability.

  • Market Cap₹ 1,34,511 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 349
  • Stock P/E9.18
  • Book Value₹ 76.8

NHPC Limited

NHPC Limited, a prominent name in the energy sector, specializes in hydroelectric power generation and plays a crucial role in India’s quest for clean and renewable energy sources. As a major player in hydropower, NHPC’s projects harness the energy potential of flowing water, contributing to the nation’s energy security while minimizing environmental impact. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices, efficient operations, and technological advancements underscores its position as a leader in the hydropower segment. NHPC’s contributions align with India’s clean energy goals and demonstrate the vital role of hydropower in the country’s energy transition journey.

  • Market Cap₹ 50,075 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 49.8
  • Stock P/E12.8
  • Book Value₹ 36.7

Torrent Power Limited

Torrent Power Limited is a significant private-sector player in India’s power generation and distribution sector. With a diverse portfolio encompassing thermal and renewable power sources, the company provides reliable energy solutions to various industries and consumers. Torrent Power’s focus on operational excellence, efficiency, and customer-centric services contributes to its role in ensuring a consistent power supply. The company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, coupled with its efforts to expand its renewable energy capacity, reflects its alignment with India’s clean energy ambitions. As a key contributor to India’s power infrastructure, Torrent Power supports economic growth and energy access.

  • Market Cap₹ 31,817 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 662
  • Stock P/E14.8
  • Book Value₹ 229


In conclusion, the power supply sector in India presents diverse investment opportunities in 2023, as the nation undergoes a significant transition in its energy landscape. With a focus on clean energy and sustainable practices, companies like Adani Green Energy and Tata Power are positioned to capitalize on India’s renewable energy goals. Established players like NTPC and Power Grid Corporation continue to play crucial roles in maintaining a reliable power supply and grid infrastructure. The commitment of companies like JSW Energy and Torrent Power to innovation and efficiency adds to the sector’s dynamism. Investors should assess the evolving energy market, considering both financial returns and the broader environmental impact, to make informed investment decisions.

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