Finances in the modern world are considerably more complicated than they used to be. It is no longer enough to just work a nine to five job straight out of high school, buy a house, retire and live off a pension. This is because the cost of living has risen without an equal rise in pay and benefits. Pensions are not enough anymore, with people often forced to find part-time jobs after retirement just to sustain themselves. The dream of owning your own home by middle age is no longer feasible.

Financial Advisors

Today, to retire and get by requires significant financial planning and investment. A financial advisor like Fred Baerenz and his company AOG Wealth Management may be necessary to prepare for the future. What exactly does a financial advisor do though? Here are three things financial advisors can do for you.

1. Investment

One of the main ways financial advisors help people is by helping them build and manage their investment portfolio. Financial advisors can help you find good, safe investments and steer you towards the best ones. They can make recommendations that earn you a great return while making sure you don’t get scammed.

2. Financial Plans

Financial advisors can also help you make financial plans for the future. They can help you get your retirement, kids’ college funds and savings plan set up and give you advice on the correct amounts to add to them.

3. Financial Vehicles

Financial vehicles include such things as life insurance policies and mortgages. Financial advisors can help you make decisions on such matters, and guide you through the process of setting them up.

Financial advisors can be a great resource for preparing for the future. They can also keep you from making financial mistakes that cost you more than you can afford. Remember, though, that different financial advisors deal with different things and have different policies. Make sure to choose the best financial advisor for you.