Internet Banking has become one of the easiest and common way of managing your bank account without visiting the branch physically. Most probably, nobody would ever to want to stand in long queues at banks to get their stuff sorted. Instead, you could use the Internet Banking facility in order to access your bank account and manage it the way you want. In case, if you are wondering or have never come across the term “Internet Banking”, then worry not. It just means availing the banking service over the internet instead of the Traditional way. Users will be able to check their bank account balance, transfer funds to other bank accounts, make bill payments and recharge your mobile, check your statements, request checkbook and a lot more using the Netbanking facility.

Almost every bank in India has started providing Banking services over the Internet i.e Internet Banking. The good thing is that you don’t have to bear any charges or fees for using the Internet Banking service. In fact, you will be able to save service fees or charges that your bank may charge when you make transactions that have branch involvement. Well, there’s no pretty much reason at all for not using the Internet Banking service to perform various transactional and non-transactional activities.

How To Activate/Register Yes Bank Netbanking Online

Also, you don’t need any technical knowledge or specialization to make use of the Internet Banking facility. It’s a simple thing, anyone can Register for it and use it to make transactions over the internet. However, the main problem arises during the Registration process, usually, the process includes a lot of steps which many of you might not know. So, in order to help you out, we’ve decided to come up with an easy to understand guide on “How To Activate/Register Yes Bank Netbanking Online”.

How To Activate/Register Yes Bank Netbanking Online:

Today, in this article, the method we’re sharing is applicable to Yes Bank customers only. You cannot use this method to Register for Netbanking if you’re having an account in some other bank. In order to Activate your Yes Bank Netbanking account, you need to have an active account in Yes Bank. You will also need to have your Debit Card and Registered Mobile number ready with you during the Registration process. Feel free to go ahead and follow the below-mentioned steps if you have all the requirements ready.

Step 1: Go To The Yes Bank Official Site:

  • So the first thing you need to do is just visit the official site of Yes Bank and start off the process.
  • We’ve attached the direct link of Yes Bank Official site, you can click on it to directly land on the required page.
  • Once the site is loaded, you will find various Netbanking options. Just select “Personal Banking” out of all the options and proceed further.
  • Or you could simply click on “Login”->”Retail” option in order to visit the Netbanking login page of Yes Bank.

Step 2: Start The Registration Process:

  • Before starting the process, the site will open up a new window where you will be shown all the “Terms and Conditions” that you need to accept.
  • Simply click on “Continue To Netbanking” in order to head over to the Netbanking page.
  • On the Netbanking login page, you will find the option “Register Using Debit Card/First Time User”.
  • Just select the option and you will be taken to the Registration page straight away.

Note: You can also Register using your Credit Card if you have it in case if you do not wish to proceed via Debit card method.

Step 3: Enter Your Account And Debit Card Details:

  • On the first screen, you will be asked to enter Customer ID and Debit Card details.
  • You can find the Customer ID of your bank account on the checkbook or passbook.
  • After that, enter your 16 digit card number and ATM PIN code properly to proceed further in the process.
  • In the last field, you will have to create a strong password which will be set as Netbanking Login password.

Note: Login Password should contain at least one lowercase and an uppercase letter, one special character, one number, one alphabet. Confirm the password by entering it twice!

Step 4: Set up Transaction Password And OTP Verification:

  • For security reasons, whenever you make a transaction over a certain or specified limit, you will be asked to enter the Transaction password.
  • So just create a Transaction password and remember it properly as you will be needing it in future.
  • In a matter of a few minutes, you will receive a one time password on your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the OTP code correctly and click on “Submit” to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Done! Now Go To Netbanking Login Page:

Now you have successfully Registered for Yes Bank Netbanking service. Go TO Bank to the login page of Netbanking and enter your Customer ID and Login password to start using the Netbanking service. In case, if you’re unable to complete the Registration process, then most probably your debit card is not activated. You must first visit your nearest ATM center and make a transaction to successfully activate your debit card.


You don’t have to submit any form or request letters in the branch in order to Activate your Yes Bank Netbanking account. Just follow the method shared in this article to Activate Yes Bank net banking account online. It doesn’t require any branch visit or physical form submission. As soon as you complete all the steps, you will be able to login to your net banking account and start using to make Fund Transfers, Bill Payments, Recharges, Requests etc.