In this review, we will look at ADSS, a GCC-based broker. Founded in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, ADSS has made a name for itself in the GCC and wider MENA region as one of the most innovative brokers. It has won multiple awards – including Best Forex Trading Platform at the Global Forex Awards (2021) and Best Forex Broker at the Forex Traders Summit in Dubai (2022).

We will examine its pros and cons at a glance, regulations, product offering, trading platform, account types, funding and fees, and research materials. If you are looking to start or continue CFD trading, read on.

ADSS review

ADSS – pros and cons overview

First, looking at ADSS’ pros and cons at a glance:


  • Good range of CFDs on commodities, forex, equities, indices, and crypto, and spot forex pairs
  • No commissions charged on trades
  • Tight spreads that are competitive in the market for major indices, Gold, and Bitcoin
  • Choice of ADSS trading platform and MT4
  • Strong research materials in English and Arabic
  • High leverage – up to 500:1 on major forex pairs
  • Low barrier to entry – Classic Account begins at $100 US


  • The Classic account is single-currency, which can result in currency conversion charges applied for profits/losses realised
  • No trading of options, ETFs, and direct trading of stocks
  • No trading of crypto on the MT4 platform

Regulatory environment

ADSS is authorised and licensed by the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) in the United Arab Emirates.

Product offering

ADSS offers spot forex trading and CFDs on equities, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex. The broker is execution-only, providing an environment for trading without offering or endorsing financial advice and guidance.

Spot forex trading

Major, minor, and exotic currency pairs (the latter upon request) are available, and traders can also participate in forex CFD trading. Leverage of up to 500:1 is available.

Equity CFDs

Equities can be traded with CFDs, with leverage of up to 20:1. Major companies on global stock exchanges in North America, Asia, and Europe are part of ADSS’ product offering, as well as GCC companies on stock exchanges closer to home.

Index CFDs

Index CFDs can be traded with leverage of up to 333:1. Again, access to global stock exchange means traders can speculate on the price movements of some of the most popular indices in the world – the FTSE100, the DAX, the Hang Seng Index, the DIJA, and more.

Crypto CFDs

CFDs on crypto are available with leverage of up to 4:1. There are four cryptocurrencies available: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Crypto CFD trading is not available on MT4 – it is available only on the ADSS platform.

Commodity CFDs 

ADSS offers CFDs on a range of commodities, from metals (gold, platinum, palladium) and agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, wheat) to energy (oil, gas). Commodity CFDs can be traded with a range of leverage options depending on the product.

Trading platforms

There are two trading platforms that users can use to trade with ADSS: the broker’s proprietary platform and theMT4 platform. Both are available on desktop, mobile, and in browser. However, not all instruments are supported on the platforms. Crypto CFD trading is not available on MT4.

Account types

ADSS offers three live account types and one demo account.

Classic Account

The Classic Account is available to retail traders with a minimum deposit requirement of $100 US. Classic traders have access to ADSS’s full product range, tight spreads, and use of leverage of up to 500:1. Classic accounts support a single currency – USD or AED. This can pose a problem for traders who frequently require currency conversions, as ADSS charges a small fee.

Elite and Elite+ Accounts

The Elite and Elite+ Accounts at ADSS are available with minimum deposit requirements of $100,000US and $250,000US respectively. Traders have access to all the features of the Classic, with 25% lower spreads for Elite accounts and even lower spreads for Elite+ accounts. There is also the benefit of having an assigned senior trader and/or relationship manager (depending on whether you are Elite or Elite+), and access to +Elite events affiliated with ADSS.

Elite and Elite+ traders have access to a multi-base currency account – a big benefit for those who trade in different currencies and do not want to incur additional charges in profit conversions.

Demo Account

The ADSS demo account is free and can be created upon registration. There is a limited number of days – 60 – for users to test out the demo on either the ADSS platform or MT4. When the period is over, you are asked to transition to a live account and fund it to start live trading.

The demo account is handy for those who wish toget used to the ADSS platform or hone their skills on MT4. Execution is fast and slippage is minimal. Nevertheless, demo trading conditions and psychology are going to be different from trading live – which is something that demo traders should be aware of.

Funding and fees

In my experience, ADSS is transparent with their fees, and they keep a market information sheet updated regularly for traders to learn more about swap fees and other charges. The broker charges a small fee on funds withdrawal, currency conversion, and overnight charges. 

No commissions are charged on trades.

Accounts can be funded in USD or AED. For other currencies, traders are responsible for conversion fees applied by the bank. Funding can be done through bank transfer, credit or debit card, as well as through Apple or Samsung Pay. There are no fees charged by ADSS on deposits, but those using bank transfers should also be aware of any charges by their credit or debit card providers. 

Research and education

ADSS is an execution-only broker and do not provide financial advice for their traders. They do offer plenty of research and educational materials in English and Arabic, including a financial glossary, webinars, educational articles, and market news updates. However, they are firm in stating that the materials they put out must not be construed as financial advice. 

This does not change the fact that these educational materials remain useful for beginners and intermediate traders – especially guides on how to trade and the glossary. When taken with a grain of salt, ADSS’ research is valuable and allows traders to make informed decisions with their portfolios.

Overall: bottom line

ADSS offers a good opportunity for new or experienced traders to take part in spot forex or CFD trading. With a low threshold for entry for their Classic account, it can make a difference to those participating in the financial markets for the first time. 

The ADSS platform is intuitive and clear, making it suitable for inexperienced traders, while the MT4 option gives the broker’s advanced traders something more to work with. The tight spreads on indices, Gold, and Bitcoin when trading CFDs also makes a big difference to those who wish to make the most of their funds. As an SCA-regulated and authorised broker, ADSS is trusted by industry peers and retail traders, and it is a good place to get started or continue your trading journey.

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