It is not a secret that the financial trading world is dynamic and fast-changing, and there are markets providing opportunities for everyone. One such market is the Forex (foreign exchange) market and the FBS broker is one of its significant players. 

FBS review

Let’s learn about FBS, and explore its features, services, as well as the landscape in which it operates.

The Introduction to FBS

FBS is a well-established online trading platform specializing in Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading. The broker was founded in 2009 and became a worldwide recognized broker, serving traders from over 150 countries. 

The brokerage company is known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of trading instruments. Devoted to delivering smooth trading without lack, FBS prioritizes ensuring a seamless experience for its users. 

FBS Key Features and Services

One of the most important things to know when choosing a broker is the features it offers. Let’s take a look at FBS offers and services now:

Diverse Asset Portfolio

FBS offers various trading instruments, including major and minor currency pairs, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This diversity gives traders a chance to explore various markets and add new assets to their investment portfolios.

Leverage and Margin

FBS provides flexible leverage options, allowing traders to increase their market exposure. However, traders need to understand the risks associated with leverage and manage their positions responsibly.

Educational Resources

FBS prioritizes trader education, offering a wide variety of resources through the FBS Learning Center. You can find some webinars and forex guidebooks in parallel with video lessons and tips. This stuff will improve anyone’s trading skills and knowledge, recognizing their important role in market success.

Customer Support

FBS places a strong emphasis on customer support, offering assistance 24/7. 

The multilingual support team provides traders worldwide an excellent service in their preferred language, enhancing the overall customer experience.

FBS Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of trading with FBS is that the broker offers a stable trading environment with competitive currency trading spreads which makes it an attractive option for traders. Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are available to please different preferences. In addition, the broker is involved in social campaigns that reflect its community engagement. 

As a disadvantage, we will mention a narrow range of trading instruments and the fact that trading conditions and protection can vary according to the entity.

Is FBS Safe to Trade?

FBS is a legitimate trading platform operated by Tradestone Limited, a Cyprus-registered company. This brokerage firm is licensed by CySEC and holds additional licenses from ASIC in Australia, and FSCA in South Africa.

Combining the regulations and licenses from ASIC and FSCA, positions FBS as a broker that follows regulatory standards, ensuring safe trading conditions.


So, FBS is a globally recognized broker with a solid reputation, offering stable trading with competitive spreads on MT4 and MT5. As with any other broker it has its pros and cons which can be helpful to know before making a choice.

Do your research, and read different reviews and feedback – this will help you in the process of making decisions and give you confidence when trading.