As of October 19, Anupam Rasayan is trading with a market cap of Rs. 9,170 Crore.  It is a small-cap company from specialty Chemicals Industry.

With its intriguing blend of consistent EPS growth, ambitious revenue expansion plans, and a unique history of market performance, Anupam Rasayan piques the interest of savvy investors.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the share price projection of Anupam Rasayan. We won’t just throw numbers at you; we’ll dig deep into the factors driving its future outlook. While the company envisions substantial revenue growth, there are questions about the implications of decreasing promoter shareholding. What do these indicators mean for potential investors like you?

Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover what the future may hold for Anupam Rasayan’s stock.

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target

About Anupam Rasayan India

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd is a prominent player established in 1984. Their primary focus lies in the production of specialty chemicals, contributing to the global demand for high-quality chemical solutions.

Their core revenue source, accounting for approximately 92% of their earnings, is derived from Life Science Specialty Chemicals. This vertical encompasses a diverse range of specialty chemicals, including:

  • Agrochemicals: They provide insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators, aiding in agricultural productivity.
  • Personal Care: Their offerings include antibacterial and ultraviolet protection intermediates and ingredients that enhance personal care product formulations.
  • Pharmaceuticals: An essential component of their portfolio, they develop intermediates and key starting materials for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

The remaining 8% of their revenues originate from Other Specialty Chemicals, including specialty pigments, specialty dyes, and polymer additives.

In the fiscal year 2021, they served approximately 65 clients worldwide, with 18 of them being Multinational Corporations. Their client base displays a significant concentration, with the top 10 clients contributing to roughly 81% of their revenues. Notable clients among them are industry giants such as Syngenta, Adama, Sumitomo Chemical, and UPL.

Furthermore, their revenue distribution reflects a global presence, with India representing about 42% of their earnings, followed by Europe (28%), Japan (15%), Singapore (10%), China (4%), and the Rest of the World (1%) in the fiscal year 2021.

In addition to its strong client relationships and global footprint, Anupam Rasayan India Ltd currently operates six manufacturing units with a combined production capacity of approximately 27,000 Metric Tons Per Annum for specialty chemicals. They have effectively doubled their manufacturing capacity over the last three years (2018-2021). Crucially, all six units strategically located in Surat and Bharuch within the state of Gujarat.

Q1 Fy2024 Key Points And Summary:

  • Consolidated total revenue was ₹3,988 Mn, marking a robust year-on-year growth of 19%.
  • Consolidated EBITDA (including other revenue) reached ₹1,138 Mn, with an impressive margin standing at 29%.
  • Consolidated PAT stood at ₹523 Mn, representing a margin of 13%.
  • The company added 2 new products in Q1FY24, bringing the total number of products to 55.

Recent News Around Anupam Rasayan India

  • Anupam Rasayan India Ltd. Shares Rise 0.5% Following Partnership with Gujarat Government for 150-Hectare Afforestation Project (26 Sep)
  • Anupam Rasayan Appoints Mr. Gopal Agrawal as CEO and Ashish Gupta as Compliance Officer, Shares Display Resilience in the Market(11 sep)
  • Anupam Rasayan is investing Rs 670 crore to establish three new plants in Gujarat.

Shareholding Pattern Analysis

  • Promoters: Ownership of the company’s shares declined steadily over the past year, reaching 60.80% in March 2023, with a slight uptick to 60.77% in June 2023.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors: FIIs exhibited a growing interest in the company, with their shareholding increasing from 5.74% in March 2021 to 9.79% in June 2023.
  • Domestic Institutional Investors: DIIs also increased their stake in the company, rising from 1.75% in March 2021 to 4.98% in March 2023, although it decreased slightly to 3.74% by June 2023.
  • Public shareholding remained relatively stable, fluctuating between 25.41% in March 2022 and 25.71% in June 2023.
  • The number of shareholders experienced significant fluctuations. It dropped from 1,60,298 in March 2021 to 65,071 in March 2022, then increased to 66,507 in March 2023, and decreased again to 61,504 in June 2023. These changes were likely influenced by market dynamics and company performance.

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target 2023 To 2030

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
October 2023 ₹940.97 ₹835.43
November 2023 ₹922.52 ₹838.65
December 2023 ₹952.96 ₹866.33

The expected share price for the year 2023 shows a fluctuating trend throughout the year.

Anupam Rasayan’s share price in 2023 is 23.01% YTD. However, in the last 6 months, the trend is bearish, and is down by 17.45%.

  • The maximum expected share price of Anupam Rasayan for the year 2023 is projected to reach ₹952.96 in December 2023
  • Conversely, the expected minimum share price for the year is anticipated to be ₹838.65 in November 2023

To sum it up, in 2023, the expected share price of 2023 might be as high as ₹952.96 in December and as low as ₹570 in February. This means that people who invest in this stock need to pay close attention to the market and make smart decisions all year long.

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹972.41 ₹845.58
February 2024 ₹992.26 ₹862.83
March 2024 ₹1,012.51 ₹880.44
April 2024 ₹983.02 ₹854.80
May 2024 ₹968.49 ₹842.16
June 2024 ₹1,003.35 ₹872.48
July 2024 ₹993.32 ₹863.76
August 2024 ₹1,033.05 ₹898.31
September 2024 ₹1,074.38 ₹934.24
October 2024 ₹1,053.31 ₹915.92
November 2024 ₹1,084.91 ₹943.40
December 2024 ₹1,112.03 ₹966.98

Market experts project a range of fluctuations in the expected share price for the year 2024. They anticipate the maximum expected price to reach ₹1,112.03 in December 2024, indicating the possibility of upward movements in the stock’s value.

On the other hand, they forecast the expected minimum share price for the year to be ₹842.16 in May 2024. This outlook suggests a period of lower expected share prices during the year.

In summary, 2024 is expected to witness varying share prices for Anupam Rasayan investors. December showcases the highest expected share price, while May indicates the lowest expected share price for the year. The expected share price for 2024 demonstrates a notable upward trend. Prices gradually increase from lower levels in the middle of the year to peak in December, potentially benefiting investors.

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target 2025

when Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹1,134.27 ₹872.52
February 2025 ₹1,163.36 ₹894.89
March 2025 ₹1,208.73 ₹929.79
April 2025 ₹1,185.03 ₹911.56
May 2025 ₹1,150.51 ₹885.01
June 2025 ₹1,202.28 ₹924.83
July 2025 ₹1,178.71 ₹906.70
August 2025 ₹1,215.17 ₹934.74
September 2025 ₹1,257.70 ₹967.46
October 2025 ₹1,290.40 ₹992.61
November 2025 ₹1,322.66 ₹1,017.43
December 2025 ₹1,355.72 ₹1,042.86

We anticipate significant fluctuations in the expected share price for 2025, highlighting potential market volatility. In December 2025, Anupam Rasayan’s maximum expected share price is projected to reach ₹1,355.72. This projection indicates the possibility of upward movements in the stock’s value, offering a promising trend for investors.

Conversely, January 2025 is expected to see the lowest share price, with projections at ₹872.52. This expectation suggests a period of lower expected share prices during the year, underlining the potential for market volatility.

In summary, 2025 is expected to feature varying share prices. December is expected to reflect the highest expected share price, while January represents the lowest expected share price for the year. Investors should be prepared for market dynamics and fluctuations throughout this period.

Anupam Rasayan Share Price Target 2026 To 2030

Year Maximum Price (₹) Minimum Price (₹)
2026 ₹1,423.51 ₹996.46
2027 ₹1,565.86 ₹1,096.10
2028 ₹2,192.20 ₹1,096.10
2029 ₹1,898.01 ₹949.01
2030 ₹2,467.41 ₹1,727.19
  • In 2026, the expected share price will range from ₹1,423.51 (maximum) to ₹996.46 (minimum), indicating potential fluctuations.
  • In 2027, the share price is expected to increase with a range of ₹1,565.86 (maximum) to ₹1,096.10 (minimum).
  • 2028 might show a significant price increase with ₹2,192.20 (maximum) and ₹1,096.10 (minimum), suggesting possible market volatility.
  • 2029 is expected to see a narrower range with ₹1,898.01 (maximum) and ₹949.01 (minimum).
  • In 2030, higher volatility is expected, with ₹2,467.41 (maximum) and ₹1,727.19 (minimum) as the projected price range.

In summary, the analysis illustrates varying share price ranges over the five-year period, with each year having its unique dynamics. Investors should closely monitor market developments and trends to make informed decisions during this period.

Anupam Rasayan Financial Condition (Last 5 Years)

Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Sales +
(Crores Rs)
502 529 811 1,074 1,602
Expenses +
(Crores Rs)
408 394 617 769 1,171
Operating Profit
(Crores Rs)
93 135 194 305 431
OPM % 19% 25% 24% 28% 27%
Other Income +
(Crores Rs)
19 11 26 8 10
(Crores Rs)
24 45 69 31 63
(Crores Rs)
23 29 52 60 71
Profit before tax
(Crores Rs)
66 72 100 222 308
Tax % 24% 26% 30% 31% 30%
Net Profit +
(Crores Rs)
49 53 70 152 217
EPS in Rs 10 10.64 7.04 15.18 17
Dividend Payout % 0% 0% 7% 7% 15%
  • Sales: The company has experienced consistent sales revenue growth over the years. It increased from ₹502 million in March 2019 to ₹1,602 million in March 2023.
  • Expenses: Operating expenses have been on the rise, going from ₹408 million in March 2019 to ₹1,171 million in March 2023. This indicates a significant increase in the cost of doing business.
  • Operating Profit: The company’s ability to generate profits from its core operations is evident in the steady growth of operating profit. It went from ₹93 million in March 2019 to ₹431 million in March 2023.
  • Other Income: While other income, including non-operating revenue sources, has varied over the years, it generally remained at a lower level. It reached its peak at ₹26 million in March 2021.
  • Net Profit: The company’s overall financial health is reflected in the consistent growth of net profit. It increased from ₹49 million in March 2019 to ₹217 million in March 2023.
  • Earnings per Share (EPS): EPS, a key indicator of profitability on a per-share basis, has shown fluctuations but generally increased. It started at ₹10 in March 2019 and reached ₹17 in March 2023.
  • Dividend Payout Percentage: The company initiated dividend payouts in March 2021, starting with a 7% payout percentage. This percentage increased to 15% in March 2023, indicating the company’s commitment to rewarding its shareholders.

Overall, the table indicates a positive trend in revenue and profitability, with the company consistently improving its financial performance over the five-year period. However, investors should be mindful of fluctuations in expenses and tax rates, as they can impact net profit and EPS.


What Is the Current Share Price of the Anupam Rasayan?

As of 19th October 2023, the current share price of Anupam Rasayan is ₹852.

What Is The Target Share Price For Anupam Rasayan India By 2023?

The target share prices for the year 2023 show a fluctuation between ₹838.65 in November and ₹959.79 in September, with variations in between.

What Is The Target Share Price For Anupam Rasayan India By 2025?

The target share prices for the year 2025 are projected to exhibit a continuous upward trend, with expectations ranging from ₹872.52 in January to ₹1,355.72 in December, indicating potential positive growth throughout the year.

What Is The Target Share Price For Anupam Rasayan India By 2030?

The target share prices for the year 2030 range from ₹1,727.19 (minimum) to ₹2,467.41 (maximum).

What Is the Return on Equity (ROE) Trend for the Company Over the Past Few Years?

The Return on Equity (ROE) trend for the company over the last three years has averaged at 8%. In the most recent year, it slightly improved to 9%.

Should One Invest In Anupam Rasayan?

When considering an investment in Anupam Rasayan, several factors come into play. On the positive side, the company is expected to perform well in the upcoming quarters, with ambitious plans for substantial revenue growth potentially reaching INR 3,000 crores. This trajectory suggests that the company is poised for expansion and increased revenue generation.

Furthermore, the company’s earnings per share (EPS) has demonstrated robust performance in recent years, indicating a positive trend in profitability. However, it’s important to note that there has been a decrease in promoter shareholding, which may raise questions about the company’s governance structure and long-term stability.

Examining the current statistics, which include a market capitalization of ₹9,653 crores, a stock price of ₹897, and a dividend yield of 0.28%, provides insights into the company’s financial standing. Additionally, the face value of ₹10.0 per share and fluctuations in the stock’s 52-week range between ₹570 and ₹1,250 offer a glimpse into market dynamics.

On the flip side, there are concerns to consider. The stock is currently trading at a relatively high valuation, at 4.06 times its book value, which might be viewed as expensive by some investors. Furthermore, the company’s return on equity (ROE) has averaged 8.44% over the last three years, signaling room for improvement in profitability.

For potential investors, it’s essential to carefully assess these factors and align them with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Additionally, monitoring the company’s revenue recognition from the LOIs and contracts, expected to grow in the coming years, can provide valuable insights into its future performance.

As with any investment decision, conducting thorough research, diversifying your portfolio, and seeking advice from financial experts can help you make well-informed choices based on the current market conditions.