Exploring the realm of franchising is an enticing journey, especially for those aspiring entrepreneurs with a budget of under 10 lakhs INR. This curated list unveils the 10 Best Franchises in India that present exciting business opportunities within this investment range. From culinary delights and innovative services to established brands, these franchises offer a diverse array of options, promising potential profitability and growth. In this introduction, we embark on a preview of these opportunities that allow budding business owners to step into the world of entrepreneurship with a relatively modest investment.

The Belgian Street Franchise: Elevating Waffle Delights, Redefining Success

Claiming the top spot as the Best Franchise under 10 Lakhs in India, The Belgian Street is a beacon of culinary innovation and profitability. With a footprint spanning more than 30 outlets nationwide, this waffle brand has carved its niche by blending affordability with exceptional taste. Founded by Manju GR in 2017, The Belgian Street embarked on a journey to redefine waffle indulgence.

The franchise journey commenced in 2019, with headquarters nestled in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Setting up a Belgian Street store demands a space of 120-400 sq ft, a canvas for waffle magic. While footfall may start modestly, strategic location selection and a focus on quality elevate the potential for success. Targeting bustling localities, corporate hubs, colleges, and hang-out areas ensures a wide customer base.

With an investment of 5-7 lakhs, aspiring franchisees can embrace a classic franchise model, reaping returns within a year. The allure of waffles extends beyond the youth, encompassing various age groups, painting a promising picture of growth.

Momo Street Franchise: Crafting Culinary Delights, Defining Excellence

Positioned at the forefront of the Franchise Business under 10 Lakhs, Momo Street captures hearts with its authentic, handcrafted momos and a diverse menu of delectable treats. Founded by Archit Bhandula in 2021, this brand has swiftly blossomed, boasting a presence in over 25 outlets nationwide.

Beyond momos, Momo Street’s repertoire includes rolls, burgers, and Momo Hot Dogs, all crafted with a commitment to quality and authenticity. This franchise resonates with the youth and health-conscious consumers, propelled by a continuous influx of new offerings.

Setting up a Momo Street store takes just 30 days, anchored by the brand’s headquarters in Indore. With an infrastructural investment ranging from 2 to 5 lakhs, and a shop spanning 300-400 sq ft, aspiring franchisees can seize the opportunity. The revenue-sharing policy promises a seamless journey, empowering franchisees with 100% shares in the profits, cementing Momo Street’s position as a compelling franchise venture.

Smartkidz Franchise: Shaping Futures, Empowering Minds

Founded in 2007 by Sudhir Karkha, Smartkidz has evolved into a distinguished name in India’s educational landscape. With an impressive network of over 285 centers, Smartkidz ranks as the third position holder in the prestigious Top 10 Franchises under 10 Lakhs in 2023.

Smartkidz caters to a diverse spectrum of educational offerings, encompassing primary, pre-primary, and secondary options, along with teacher training and part-time courses. Their success lies in a meticulously structured curriculum and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier education.

To embark on a Smartkidz venture, an area of 1500-2500 sq ft is essential, with a total investment ranging from 5 to 7 lakhs, including the franchise fee. Franchisees contribute a 15% revenue share annually. The investment recovery period spans approximately two years, contingent upon location and faculty quality.

With Smartkidz, association marks a significant honor, reflecting their widespread recognition across India. A playgroup franchise with Smartkidz promises a remarkable avenue for making a mark in the education sector, shaping young minds and nurturing futures.

Sanjog Pharmacy Franchise: Dispensing Health, Crafting Success

Established in 2020, Sanjog Pharmacy swiftly emerged as a beacon of quality and convenience in the retail pharmacy landscape. As a standout contender in the Best Franchise Businesses under 10 Lakhs in India, Sanjog Pharmacy upholds its commitment to serving communities and enhancing lives.

Offering a comprehensive range of products, spanning FMCG, Ayurvedic medicines, Allopathy, and surgical products, Sanjog Pharmacy caters to modern healthcare needs with exceptional products and services.

Founded by Rajesh Mirchandani, Sanjog Pharmacy boasts over 15 outlets within a mere two-year span. A minimum area of 200-300 sq ft suffices to set up shop, with a graduate background and business acumen being desirable traits for applicants.

While offering delivery services isn’t mandatory, it aligns with the current landscape. With knowledgeable staff addressing client queries at the shopfront, Sanjog Pharmacy ensures a seamless pharmaceutical experience.

A gateway to the pharmaceutical business, Sanjog Pharmacy presents an opportunity to serve the community while making a prudent investment of under ten lakhs, cementing its status as a prime option in the franchise arena.

Barcelona Club Franchise: Elevate Your Fashion Business

Barcelona Club, a thriving apparel brand, stands as a testament to India’s burgeoning fashion scene. Born under the umbrella of Stitched Textiles Private Limited and headquartered in Ahmedabad, the brand’s visionary, Jamin Gupta, has nurtured its growth. With over 60 stores countrywide, Barcelona Club soars high in the realm of fashion franchises.

Investors with approximately 10 lakhs can seize the opportunity to launch their very own Barcelona Club. In a mere 30 days, the franchise takes flight, guiding every step towards establishment. A spacious area of 400-500 sq ft serves as the canvas, while revenue sharing of 80-90% beckons promising returns.

Barcelona Club caters to the youth’s yearning for global fashion, offering both standard and master franchise models. Its trendy collection garners a steady flow of fashion enthusiasts, making it a prime contender among the Top Franchise brands under 10 lakhs in 2023.

Chicken Adda Franchise: Savor Success, Bite by Bite

Chicken Adda brings families and chicken lovers together, offering a delectable dining experience. Founded by Teena Yogi in 2014, Chicken Adda boasts a network of over 70 outlets, satisfying appetites across the nation.

With a focus on quality and an exceptional in-store ambience, Chicken Adda stands as a beacon of flavorful delight. The franchise opportunity, a part of the esteemed Top 10 Franchises below 10 lakhs, beckons aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chicken Adda sets itself apart by foregoing royalty fees. A modest space of 200-400 sq ft is all you need to dive into this culinary adventure. In just 45 days, your dream takes flight with an investment of around 7-8 lakhs.

As a food franchise, Chicken Adda promises enticing returns, offering a delectable blend of taste and business acumen. Within a year, your investment can yield savory success, carving a path in the vibrant food industry.

UpGrad Franchise: Elevate Education, Empower Minds

Ranked seventh among the List of Franchise Businesses under 10 lakhs, UpGrad shines as India’s premier online education provider. Launched in 2015 by IIT alumnus Ronnie Screwvala, UpGrad swiftly ascended to become a revered name in the Edtech realm.

With a commitment to superior education standards, UpGrad has transformed the learning landscape. Collaborating with prestigious institutions like MICA and BITS-Pilani, and partnering with industry giants like PayTM and Uber, UpGrad boasts a remarkable network.

Mumbai-based UpGrad initiated its franchise program in 2020, now spanning over 40 centers across the nation. The franchise term extends for three years, requiring an area of 400-500 sq ft. The education sector offers a distinct advantage of continuous demand, making UpGrad a compelling venture.

The Bake Shop Franchise: Satisfy Cravings, Serve Success

In an era where celebrations are synonymous with delectable cakes, The Bake Shop stands as a prime choice. Founded in 2011 by Wilson and headquartered in Mumbai, this bakery marvel has grown to encompass 26 outlets nationwide.

With the bakery market soaring to Rs 3,295 Crore, The Bake Shop’s quality-based products seize a significant slice of this indulgence. Boasting a diverse range of offerings, The Bake Shop crafts its success on the pillars of efficiency and quality.

Investing 7-10 lakhs in infrastructure and franchise fees, aspiring bakerypreneurs can establish their own Bake Shop outlet in just 15 days. With a track record of excellence and a rapid establishment process, The Bake Shop beckons entrepreneurs to join its flavorful journey.

Go Waterless Franchise: Revolutionizing Car Cleaning

Earn a spot among the Best Franchises under 10 lakh in India with Go Waterless. Harnessing a unique and eco-friendly approach, Go Waterless cleans vehicles using 100% natural plant-based products. The innovative process, rooted in applied chemistry and physics, sprays a lubricating liquid to lift dust particles without a drop of water.

Founded by Mr. Nitin Sharma in 2019, Go Waterless has gained immense popularity, boasting over 75 outlets nationwide. With no infrastructure investment required, franchisees can opt for the standard Franchise and enjoy lifetime validity. The revenue-sharing model offers 30% returns, while the master franchise allows for 90% revenue retention.

DHL Franchise: Global Logistics Excellence

DHL secures a coveted position in the Top Franchise under 10 lakh in India, reflecting its prowess in global logistics. A stalwart in e-commerce logistics, DHL seamlessly connects sellers and buyers across the world, particularly in markets like the Middle East, America, and Asia Pacific.

With headquarters in Germany and a strong presence across the globe, DHL has set new standards in cross-border shipping. Founded in 1959 by Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn, and Larry Hillblom, DHL’s franchise model, launched in 1995, presents a promising venture.

With an investment recovered in approximately two years, DHL’s franchise spans 200-400 sq ft of space and offers a five-year tenure. For those aspiring to tap into the booming logistics and e-commerce sectors, DHL offers a strategic pathway to success.


Investing in a franchise under 10 lakh INR provides a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter various industries with minimal financial risk. The franchises mentioned in this article, such as The Belgian Street, Smartkidz, Go Waterless, and DHL, offer diverse business prospects, from food and education to logistics and innovative car cleaning solutions.

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