The franchise business model has gained significant traction in India’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, offering aspiring business owners a chance to tap into established brand names, proven systems, and a support network. With a modest investment of under 5 lakhs INR, individuals can embark on their entrepreneurial journey and secure a foothold in various industries. This article explores ten of the best franchise opportunities available in India, each requiring a relatively small initial investment while holding the promise of substantial returns.

Chai Kulhad Bar: A Refreshing Brew of Success

Founded amidst the uncertainties of 2020 by Vishal Parmar, Chai Kulhad Bar swiftly emerged as a beacon of resilience. Positioned among the Best Franchises under 5 Lakhs, this venture offers a dual model – KIOSK and Café. With a nominal franchise fee of Rs.1.5 lakh, the KIOSK setup demands an investment under Rs.5 lakhs, promising an 80% revenue share for franchisees. The enticing aroma of chai, complemented by efficient infrastructure requirements and comprehensive support, ushers in swift break-even within a month.

What a Sandwich: Crafting Culinary Triumphs

Celebrating a decade of excellence, What a Sandwich enchants as a Top 10 Franchise under 5 Lakhs. Founded by Hussain Lokhandwala in 2013, it has burgeoned into a network spanning 65 outlets. The appeal lies in its revenue-sharing generosity, granting franchisees between 90% and 100%. With an investment ranging from Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs, a menu of minimal infrastructure prerequisites, and a strong support system, break-even occurs within 3 to 6 months. The blend of delectable offerings and seamless operational guidance enriches this culinary journey.

In the realm of franchising, these ventures tantalizingly beckon entrepreneurs, offering a fusion of flavors, innovation, and robust support on the path to prosperity.

Scooping Success with Amul Ice Cream Franchise

With roots tracing back to 1946, even preceding India’s independence, Amul Ice Cream holds an unshakable place in the nation’s heart. A beacon of opportunity among the Top 10 Franchises under 5 Lakhs, it boasts a sprawling network of outlets across the country, poised for further growth.

Investing a modest Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 grants aspiring entrepreneurs the coveted franchise rights to Amul Ice Cream. With infrastructure requirements kept in check, the total investment ranges between Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs. The allure amplifies with a generous revenue share of around 90%, allowing franchisees to attain break-even within a maximum of one year, and sometimes even within a remarkable six months.

In a delectable blend of affordability and profit potential, an Amul Ice Cream franchise can flourish in a compact 130-square-foot space, managed by a lone employee. The presence of air conditioning and CCTV surveillance are prerequisites, enhancing the customer experience.

Motilal Oswal Franchise: Shaping Financial Futures

Positioned among the Best Franchises under 5 Lakhs, Motilal Oswal reigns as a stalwart in the stockbroking domain. With a legacy dating back to 1987, its network spans across the nation, boasting over 7500 franchises in various cities.

Embarking on a journey with Motilal Oswal presents a choice between sub-brokership and channel partner models. The former entails a franchisee fee ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs, while the latter varies between Rs.2 lakhs and Rs.3 lakhs, granting higher revenue shares for channel partners.

The enticing revenue-sharing structure, coupled with the esteemed Motilal Oswal brand, ensures a break-even period of a mere four months. Essential infrastructure elements, including office space, trading terminals, and advisory services, equip franchisees for success.

Roll Singh Franchise: Unrolling Success under 5 Lakhs

Amidst the thriving realm of franchising, Roll Singh emerges as a shining star, proudly securing its place among the Top Franchise brands under 5 Lakhs in 2023. With an irresistible name and a delectable array of offerings, Roll Singh has etched its mark not only on the streets of UP but also across various cities.

Born as a partnership venture in 2016 by Vikas Negi, Roll Singh’s allure has led to the establishment of 9 franchise outlets nationwide. The franchise extends a 5-year partnership, demanding a franchise fee ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh. Coupled with infrastructure investments spanning Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs, the total investment remains comfortably below Rs.5 lakhs.

The appeal magnifies as Roll Singh generously shares revenue, offering franchise holders an impressive 90% to 100% slice of the pie. This lucrative arrangement ensures recovery of investments within a commendable span, often culminating in a mere 6 months.

Setting up a Roll Singh franchise requires a modest 100-200 square feet space, complemented by one or two staff members. A dedicated kitchen space for crafting rolls and wraps is essential, while the option of a sitting area exists. The presence of a delivery service is paramount for online orders, aligning with modern convenience.

Sasta Sundar Franchise: Affordable Pharmacy Transformation

Pioneering the pharmacy landscape, Sasta Sundar emerges as a game-changer, solidifying its stature as a Top 10 Franchise under 5 Lakhs in 2023. Unveiled in 2013 by B.L Mittal in Kolkata, it has since expanded its footprint to franchise outlets nationwide.

Investing in a Sasta Sundar franchise entails an infrastructure cost ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakhs. A promising revenue share of around 90% further sweetens the deal, with investments typically recovering over the course of a year.

The franchise’s setup can thrive within a compact 120-300 square feet shop, ably manned by dedicated employees. Sasta Sundar extends comprehensive support, encompassing delivery facilitation, online order placement support, marketing strategies, and essential training.

LaunSmart Franchise: Transforming Laundry, Elevating Franchise Success

In the dynamic landscape of franchising, LaunSmart shines as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, firmly securing its position among the top franchises in the List of Franchise Business under 5 Lakhs. Pioneered by Joby K M in 2018, LaunSmart has swiftly woven a tapestry of success, extending its footprint across the nation with 39 thriving franchise outlets.

LaunSmart’s allure lies in its master franchise business model, beckoning entrepreneurs with a four-year tenure and a modest franchise fee of Rs.2 lakhs. Coupled with an infrastructure cost mirroring the franchise fee, the total investment stands at an attractive Rs.4 lakhs.

Franchisees of LaunSmart delight in an enviable revenue share, ranging between 90% and 100%, as the franchisor takes a step back. The path to profitability is paved, with break-even typically achieved within 18 months to 2 years.

Shadowfax Franchise: Navigating Success in Courier Services

As a trailblazer in the delivery and courier sector, Shadowfax resonates as one of the country’s premier franchises in the realm of Franchise Business under 5 Lakhs. Conceived by Abhishek Bansal in 2015, Shadowfax has flourished with an impressive network of around 200 outlets.

To embark on the Shadowfax franchise journey, an investment of Rs.2-3 lakhs for the franchise fee, coupled with an additional Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh for infrastructure costs, sets the stage for success. A lucrative revenue share of 90% for the franchisee ensures a fruitful journey, with break-even typically achieved within a year.

The franchise’s setup necessitates a minimum 200-400 square feet area, with robust CCTV surveillance and internet connectivity. The logistics of a wide road in front enhance operational efficiency, alongside a dedicated billing desk.

Edelweiss Franchise: Navigating Financial Success Under 5 Lakhs

Edelweiss, a distinguished stock broker hailing from Mumbai, unfurls its wings of opportunity within the realm of franchising. With a network of over 2500 franchises spanning the nation, it claims its well-deserved spot as our Best Franchise under 5 Lakhs in India. Established in 2008 by Anil Ambani/Reliance Capital, Edelweiss offers a Sub-brokers model with a franchise fee of Rs.1 lakh, granting lifetime tenure. Alternatively, the partner’s model extends a modest Rs.50,000 fee. Revenue potential ranges from 60% to 70% for sub-brokers and 40% to 50% for partners. This enticing structure often paves the way to break-even within a month. The blueprint for Edelweiss success mandates an office spanning 200-500 square feet, staffed by 2-5 employees. Trading terminals, research, advisory services, telephone, internet, CCTV surveillance, and ACs are prerequisites.

Edelweiss is more than a franchise – it’s a comprehensive support system offering marketing, trading, advisory services, customer support, and regular training, ensuring entrepreneurial triumph.

Delhivery Courier Franchise: Delivering Success Below 5 Lakhs

Sahil Barua’s brainchild, Delhivery, has redefined the courier landscape since its inception in 2011. Within our list of Top Franchises under 5 Lakhs in India, Delhivery radiates as a beacon of opportunity. With a network of over 500 franchise outlets nationwide, it beckons aspiring entrepreneurs. The investment is a mere Rs.10,000 for a year, renewable indefinitely. Infrastructure costs hover between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh. Revenue-sharing empowers franchisees with 90%, leaving 10% for the franchise. Break-even typically occurs within 2 years. Establishing a Delhivery franchise necessitates a space of 400-500 square feet, operated by a dedicated team of 10-15 staff.

Essential facilities include internet access and CCTV surveillance. Delhivery’s franchise support extends a nurturing embrace, including RM support, procurement assistance, interior designing, marketing, website support, and comprehensive staff training, illuminating the path to franchise triumph.


In the vibrant landscape of franchising, these diverse and dynamic opportunities under 5 lakhs have caught the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs. From the aromatic brews of Chai Kulhad Bar to the convenience of online laundry services from LaunSmart, each franchise model brings unique advantages and enticing revenue-sharing structures.

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