A debt consolidation loan is just one of many ways people can get themselves back on track financially once and for all. Many people have heard about these types of loans, but they might not know if it’s the right fit for them. 

When is the right time to pick up a debt consolidation loan? Are there any risks involved? At Dutton Lending, the goal is always to provide quality information for individuals to make smart decisions. Before beginning, doing some prep work first makes a difference. 

Solid Credit Score 

A solid credit score can make a huge difference as far as interest rates are concerned. It comes as no surprise that the better a person’s credit score, the better interest rate they will get in general. There will also be more options available from debt consolidation lenders such as Dutton Lending. 

Remember that a good credit score matters, but it doesn’t need to be anything too crazy to get a reasonable rate. After all, if a person has an excellent credit score, they likely don’t need to have a debt consolidation loan in the first place. Companies like Dutton Lending understand this and are just looking for a somewhat reliable option. 

Unbearable Debt 

If it seems like the debt will take more than a year to pay off, chances are a debt consolidation loan is worth it in the end. Anything short-term will likely cost more in fees to make it worthwhile. Remember, the companies will be charging some smaller fees, for the most part, to help cover their business costs. 

If there seems to be no end in sight, it’s worth going through the credit check and the temporary decrease in the credit score. Ultimately, it’s about fixing things long-term instead of any short-term changes. 

A large amount of debt can consume a person’s day-to-day life. Consolidating everything will make life easier so that there’s just one monthly payment as well. Instead of juggling due dates throughout the month, it’s just one payment per month to start whittling everything down. 

Having a Plan in Place 

Think of a debt consolidation loan as one of the final steps to getting on the right path financially. Too many people try to jump into a loan or other quick fix, but they don’t have a plan in place to make those payments. 

Work on creating a consistent cash flow and other general improvements to personal finances before applying. Make sure that enough money is coming in to start paying that monthly total consistently. Failure to meet the deadline every month will result in a lot of late fees and potentially do more damage to a person’s credit than what was originally the issue. 

Spending Habits Are Under Control 

Not all debt works the same way. Some debts, such as medical loans, are simply unavoidable. However, if a lot of the issue stems from spending a lot of money and charging frivolous items on a credit card, taking control of spending habits first will make life easier. 

Have a more restrained spending setup before going through and applying for a debt consolidation loan. It’s harder to make changes on the fly, as it’s a lifestyle change that some are not ready for. If this type of spending has been going on for years, it’s not going to change overnight. 

How Hard is it to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan? 

If it seems like a debt consolidation loan is the right move to make, applying is as simple as ever. Dutton Lending is just one of many options that are available entirely online. Instead of going through a lengthy application process like in the past, debt consolidation can be done from a laptop at home. Places like Dutton Lending do their best to make the loan process as easy as possible. 

Getting initial information is simple, but the entire application does include a hard credit check before moving forward. Some companies will offer payment within one business day, helping meet any deadlines that might be fast approaching. 

Is There a Chance of Denial From a Debt Consolidation Loan Company? 

Most people will receive approval for a debt consolidation loan even with an average credit score. However, there might be fewer options out there, to the point that none of them make that much sense. Remember to examine the interest rate to ensure it’s providing a benefit instead of just being a lateral move. 

There are always some that get a denial from a debt consolidation loan company. When that is the case, doing work without assistance first can help build up the score, so it’s good enough to apply later on. 

Are Debt Consolidation Loans Worth the Hassle? 

No one enjoys being in a situation where they need a debt consolidation loan. However, those who can get a reasonable rate and feel they need more than a year to pay everything off should go this route. At the very least, exploring interest rates and comparing what the current situation looks like is worth a little bit of extra time.  

Some people can end up saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars throughout the entire payoff process. That’s more money back in the pocket, and a huge burden lifted off the shoulders. Dutton Lending is one of the leaders in the industry, reducing stress and allowing people to feel like themselves again.