We already know about the EPF. EPF stands for employee’s provident funds. It is the kind of fund which is distributed to the employees who are working for a company for years. The small contribution of their salary credited in this account. Later, after their retirement, the same money they can use for any purpose. However, In this article, I will mention some details about EPF withdrawal rules and procedures. It is for those people who are already retired and want to withdraw their PF from their account.

EPF Withdrawal Rules Based on Purposes:


  1. For medical purposes:
  • An employee can withdraw the amount of the last salary along with interest or previous six months of their salary from provident fund account at once. It is only in the case of a medical emergency.
  • This service is applicable for medical treatments for the employee or its family.
  • There is no minimum service period for this type of withdrawal. You only need to submit valid proofs and documents for justifying any medical condition.
  1. For repaying the home loan:
  • You can also withdraw your PF to repay your home loan. You are allowed to withdraw up to 90% if the property is registered on your name or your wife’s name.
  • You need to comply with the three year service period for this withdrawal.
  1. For wedding:
  • You need to be in service for the company for at least seven years if you need to withdraw the funds from your PF account for marriage.
  1. For renovating a house:
  • You can withdraw up to 90% of funds from your PF account for the reconstruction of your home.
  • The house should be registered with your name or held jointly.
  • The maximum of 12 times your salary amount can be withdrawn.
  1. Unemployment:
  • A person can withdraw up to 75% of funds from the provident fund account if the person is unemployed for more than one month.
  • The rest of 25% can be withdrawn if the person is unemployed for more than two months.

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The process to Withdraw Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

It is a quick and easy process via the new form made by the government for the immediate withdrawal of provident funds. Let’s check it how.

New Form:

This is a new method, and it gives proper relief to the people who are retired and old aged, especially. However, you only need to submit your Aadhar card and UAN number for following this process.

  • First, update your Aadhar number in the UAN portal.
  • Get the Aadhar authenticated and link it to UAN.
  • Fill the EPF withdrawal form online at the UAN website.
  • Submit the form, and you will get the funds credited in your bank account directly.


We know how important it is for a retired or employed person to withdraw their EPF. That is the reason. I have mentioned the rules based on every situation that is needed to be followed for the withdrawal of provident funds. Moreover, I also have added the procedure for the same. Do let us know in the comments section if there is anything else to ask.