The advent  of the new mobile banking apps in the Indian market today has ushered in a new era of  improved accessibility. If the previous set of banking apps focused on improving the speed and efficiency of online transfers including UPI (Unified Payment Interface) transfers, the newer ones focus on how every banking service can be more accessible to the customer. This article takes the example of IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app and its stellar rise in popularity within a short span of time, to illustrate how accessibility is the USP of new-age mobile banking apps in India. 

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Bank account balance and bank statements 

Banking apps help us do a lot of things, but the most basic service offered is the ability to check one’s bank balance. New mobile banking apps in India offer customers the facility of instantly checking their account balance and accessing their bank statements. Customers need not go to ATMs to print their bank statements anymore. This is a simple way in which mobile banking apps have improved accessibility. 

Credit card details 

Both credit and debit card details are accessible through mobile banking apps. In the case of credit cards, you can know the value of your credit card’s outstanding dues, the value of your credit card EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) payments, your credit card number, and PIN, among other details through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app

Investment-related details 

The mobile banking apps of today help you know everything you wish to know about your investments. This includes the number of units you bought while investing in a mutual fund, the value of your invested amount, and other important details. Such increased accessibility helps new mobile bank apps offer seamless services cutting across all categories to customers. 

Increased accessibility via categorisation

Accessing certain features of your mobile banking app is necessary. However, as and when you use your app, you must also be able to access specific data based on specific parameters, such as the date of transaction or date of investment. IDFC FIRST Bank’s “smart filters” help you do this and thereby provide superior accessibility. Additionally, the app offers the “track your expenses” feature that helps customers categorize their previous expenses to budget better. 

Universal search

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app has “Universal Search” feature that helps customers search for any feature easily through the app to get it quickly for him/her. The Universal Search feature relies on keywords entered into the search bar of the mobile banking app and  fetches the service of your choice that you are looking for . This feature enhances the overall accessibility offered by the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. 

Similar to the example taken in this article, new mobile banking apps of the day offer features that enhance the customer’s overall accessibility to their bank accounts, thereby making banking more convenient for all of their customers. You must assess the accessibility offered by a banking app and research it before signing up for it.