Starting a Domino’s franchise in India offers an exciting opportunity to venture into the thriving food industry. With its globally recognized brand, renowned for its delectable pizzas and efficient service, a Domino’s franchise promises a strong market presence. To initiate this endeavor, prospective franchisees need to follow a structured process that involves researching franchise requirements, financial planning, location selection, and compliance with Domino’s guidelines. This venture not only taps into India’s growing demand for quality fast-food options but also aligns with Domino’s proven business model, making it a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to establish a successful and rewarding food franchise in the country.

Why to start a Domino’s Franchise in India?

The scope for a Domino’s pizza outlet in India is undeniably promising. Originating in Naples, Italy, pizza has evolved into a beloved, convenient, and delectable culinary delight that has captured a significant following within the Indian market. Regardless of the occasion – be it a family gathering, a friend’s party, or a regular day – pizza consistently ranks as a top-choice food for people of all ages. The potential profitability of starting a Domino’s franchise is substantial, especially when strategically located. By offering door-to-door delivery services, a monthly profit margin ranging from Rs 1 to 3 lakhs can be easily achieved.

Owning a Domino’s franchise aligns perfectly with the aspiration of running a personal business. The pizza industry shows no signs of slowing down, with innovative flavors inspired by Asian, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisines continuing to gain popularity. As of 2018, Domino’s was recognized as the global leader in pizza retail sales. Notably, the cost of a Domino’s franchise in India has risen, necessitating an investment of INR 50 lakhs for conventional outlets and INR 30 lakhs for unconventional stores as of 2021. This presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the enduring appeal of pizza and the renowned Domino’s brand.

Distinct types of Domino’s Franchise in India

In India, Domino’s Pizza offers three distinct types of franchise opportunities: Transitional, Non-traditional, and Traditional.

Transitional Outlets:

Transitional outlets cater to local preferences and have a modified menu to suit the tastes of the community. Despite serving a slightly different menu, these Domino’s restaurants benefit from the strong brand recognition, attracting a substantial customer base. Alongside the signature pizzas, the menu encompasses a range of offerings, including pasta, tacos, drinks, desserts, fries, and garlic bread, ensuring diverse options for patrons.

Traditional Outlets:

Traditional stores are situated in spacious buildings, often within shopping centers or prominent structures. These outlets accommodate both dine-in customers and those opting for takeout or delivery services. With ample parking space and a focus on convenience, traditional Domino’s locations provide a comprehensive dining experience.

Non-Traditional Outlets:

Non-traditional outlets transcend conventional settings, making appearances on toll highways, office complexes, stadiums, and airports. While primarily focused on takeout, some non-traditional locations offer limited dine-in options, providing a quick and accessible way for patrons to savor Domino’s offerings on the go.

When contemplating the cost of establishing a Domino’s franchise in India, several factors come into play:

Traditional Outlet: The investment for a traditional Domino’s pizza restaurant can amount up to INR 50 lakhs.

Non-Traditional Outlet: Setting up a non-traditional store involves an investment of approximately INR 30 lakhs.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate your options and financial considerations, as the franchise cost may exceed 50 lakhs if store rental expenses are high. A well-crafted business plan becomes indispensable for aspiring franchisees seeking to launch and sustain a successful Domino’s Pizza franchise in India.

Essential requirements for Opening a Domino’s franchise in India


Infrastructure: A welcoming and pleasant infrastructure is crucial to attract customers. The Domino’s franchise site should offer a warm and inviting ambiance suitable for group gatherings and casual dining.

Location: The choice of location significantly impacts the footfall and success of your Domino’s franchise. Opt for a prime location that draws a substantial consumer base, ensuring convenient access for customers. Ample space should be available to accommodate patrons comfortably.

Workforce: A well-trained and courteous workforce is pivotal to the profitability of your franchise. Employees must adhere to Domino’s operational standards and provide excellent customer service. A single negative experience can deter customers, underscoring the importance of a skilled and attentive staff.

Delivery Personnel: Offering door-to-door delivery is an added service that enhances customer convenience. Depending on local demands and delivery logistics, having a dedicated delivery staff can further optimize your franchise’s operations.

Steps to ensure a successful venture:

The following stages outline the process:

  1. Application: Submit a franchise application to Domino’s Pizza India, expressing your interest in becoming a franchisee.
  2. Evaluation: Domino’s will review your application, considering factors such as your financial stability, business acumen, and alignment with their brand values.
  3. Location Approval: If your application is successful, work with Domino’s to finalize an appropriate location for your franchise outlet.
  4. Training: Undergo comprehensive training provided by Domino’s, covering operational procedures, customer service, and quality standards.
  5. Infrastructure Setup: Create a warm and inviting ambiance at your chosen location, in line with Domino’s brand image and customer expectations.
  6. Staff Hiring and Training: Assemble a skilled workforce and provide them with the necessary training to uphold Domino’s standards.
  7. Opening: Launch your Domino’s franchise, ensuring all systems are in place for a seamless customer experience.
  8. Ongoing Support: Benefit from ongoing support and guidance from Domino’s, which includes marketing assistance, operational advice, and updates on menu offerings.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps involved in obtaining a Domino’s franchise in India:

Step 1: Application: Complete and submit the franchise application form to initiate the process. Await a response from Domino’s after the submission of your application.

Step 2: Documentation and Telephone Interview: Upon approval of your application, you will receive necessary documents from Domino’s. This will be followed by a telephone interview as part of the evaluation process.

Step 3: Meeting with Franchise Development Manager: Successful completion of the telephone interview leads to the next phase. You will engage in a meeting with the franchise development manager. During this meeting, you will delve into the specifics of the franchise’s development.

Step 4: Financial Information and Due Diligence: If the meeting proves successful, you will be provided with vital financial information and instructions for further due diligence. This step is crucial for making an informed decision.

Step 5: Franchisee Orientation and Training: At this stage, you will undergo comprehensive franchisee orientation and training. Gain in-depth insights into the various aspects of managing a Domino’s franchise, ensuring you are well-prepared for your role.

Step 6: Signing the Agreement: Upon meeting all the prerequisites, you will be presented with the franchise agreement, marking the final step. Once you satisfy all requirements and terms, sign the agreement to officially become a Domino’s franchise owner.

Required Documents and Licenses:

To facilitate the franchise process and ensure legal compliance, you will need to provide the following documents and licenses:

  • Proof of Existing Business
  • Address Proof
  • Business Registration
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Character Certificate (PCC)
  • Business Turnover Report (last 3 years)
  • GST Number
  • Insurance
  • FSSAI License
  • Property Photos (front, left, right view)
  • Property Documentation (ownership/lease details)
  • EPF/ESIC Compliance
  • Sub-Franchise Agreement (as required)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Starting a Domino’s Franchise in India:

  1. What are the different types of Domino’s franchises available in India? Domino’s offers three types of franchises: Transitional, Traditional, and Non-Traditional, catering to diverse locations and customer preferences.
  2. How much does it cost to open a Domino’s franchise in India? The cost varies based on the type of outlet. Traditional outlets may cost around INR 50 lakhs, while non-traditional outlets require an investment of approximately INR 30 lakhs.
  3. What documents and licenses are required to open a Domino’s franchise? Necessary documents include proof of existing business, address proof, business registration, Aadhar card, PAN card, character certificate, turnover reports, GST number, insurance, FSSAI license, property photos, and ownership/lease details, among others.
  4. What training and support does Domino’s provide to franchisees? Domino’s offers comprehensive training covering operational procedures, customer service, and quality standards. Ongoing support includes marketing assistance and operational guidance.
  5. Can I offer door-to-door delivery services from my Domino’s franchise? Yes, you can provide door-to-door delivery services, enhancing customer convenience and potentially increasing profitability.


Starting a Domino’s franchise in India presents a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the enduring popularity of pizza and the brand’s strong reputation. By adhering to the application process, fulfilling requirements, and following the stages outlined, aspiring entrepreneurs can establish a successful Domino’s franchise. The diverse types of franchises cater to different locations and preferences, ensuring flexibility. With proper training, support, and a well-thought-out business plan, owning a Domino’s franchise in India can lead to a rewarding and profitable venture in the dynamic food industry.

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