Life can take a lot of twists and turns, with too many ups and downs, and the struggle becomes even harder in a country where the economy is stiff, but the population is overgrowing. At that time, it becomes too difficult for the nation to divide the wealth, also the wealth is such a thing that is easily manipulated, so that can never equally distributed, but when it comes to the right to knowledge, there are no barriers, no boundaries, and no wealth demarcation. Gujarat, the recently developed state has taken the freedom of right to education to a whole new level, thanks to the concept of digital India. Check steps to use Any RoR online below.

 The Concept of Digital India:

Well! The idea of digital India was first launched by the Government of India, to make sure that the citizens can avail the governmental services via web manipulated service. So, if that is that is to happen, India needed a better internet service. So, happened right then when the high-speed network which came for free flourished India. Many service providers then sprang up and designed a new network system, so that even the most unprivileged can afford a high-speed network system.


This was primarily launched by the Prime minister of India Narendra Modi, in the year 2015. Banks went through a lot of modification, with the help of digital India. The concept of digital India splurged the free access of knowledge to anything and everything. A lot of services sprang up as people wanted to know more and for knowing people  need to stand in a queue. Through digital India, a lot service which came in the form of the mobile app such as UMANG, Swachh Bharat mobile app, e-hospital applications, and last but not the least bank money transfer education just showered people with the right to knowledge. And in that respect, what you get to know is one hundred percent correct as digital news are seldom fake.

Influence of Smartphones:

As technology advances, the paradigm of a developing country also changes. In recent years, smartphones have changed the notion of life from very little things to nations voting, and devices have changed the whole notion of everyday life. Irrespective to how a smartphone changes an individual’s life, one must never speculate that it has done a lot of things to change the affected the nation from a more significant prospect.

However, this wouldn’t be possible if the smartphones were expensive. Many companies collaborated with India to manufacture devices that are not expensive, but that doesn’t mean it compromises the quality of it. So now, with a high-speed network and a smartphone, no one can stop a Nation’s progress. Such is the case of digital India.

 Concept of Any ROR:

Gujarat is a state which one of the most developed in India, it is undoubtedly because of its excellence in infrastructure, and sprouting industrialization. There are many reasons why Gujarat is so advanced, thanks to the industrialization policies. The advantages of long cost lines that made the tourism industry sprang as the infrastructure were rightly modeled.

Apart from all these peripheral advances, the concept of digital India first started from the state Gujarat. One such can be explained with an example of Any ROR Gujarat. Any ROR Gujarat is a mobile application software designed for the purpose to help citizen to obtain the knowledge about land records. It is a just not a groundbreaking discovery but one of a kind.

It is designed so that your ca finds the valuation of lands, as the price of a property and its originality and records are often misled with. The term Any ROR Gujarat means (Any Record of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat) This app was launched by Revenue department and NIC (National Informatics Centre) with a sole purpose to deliver every essential information to check land records of Gujarat.

This app covers almost an area as much as 225 talukas and 26 districts of Gujarat. All these things are incorporated together so that an individual can know every information related to land that is a record of the property, a transaction between a buyer and seller, documents, and property tax receipt.

 Uses of this App:

This app has multidimensional usages, with the help of this app it possible to check the ownership of a particular land. Also, it can let you know about the ways to access the information regarding the property. That is to say; it will let you know about various things you should know before purchasing land in India. Also, this app can be used by the farmers to identify ways to get a loan from the bank for farming. While buying land it is suggested to cheek the land revenue records; a buyer has every right to know that, this app will let you do that. This app has a lot of importance; this app records every information thus protecting the power of the owner. This app also helps you with knowing how to get an easy loan. It will also let you know there are any disputes regarding the land.

 Ways to Check Any ROR:

 It is quite simple to use; the app developers are continually developing the app to make the interface better so that it can cope with modern gadgets. However, the utilities of this app surpass everything. It is quite easy to use, first from your phone or device you need to open the ROR website. After that, it will lead you to a tab where you will need to click on “View Land Record -Rural” on the next page it will let you introduce with several links such as VF6, VF7, VF8A and 135D notice for mutation. After clicking on any of these links, you will need to fill in as per the details of your need. Once you are done putting on the circumstances, you will get every aspect of the land you need to find.

This is no doubt a groundbreaking discovery, in a country like India. Once again, thanks to developing ideologies of Gujarat and those who plan them.