Looking for car insurance policy renewal? Before you do that there are certain musts for you to keep in mind. But why at the time of renewal? Because in most cases the initial third party car insurance is purchased through the car dealer which on later findings doesn’t turn out to be much useful. When the time to renew car insurance arrives, it can be the perfect opportunity to shift to a better, more beneficial and useful car insurance plan.

Below are some important points one must consider when they go for car insurance policy renewal.

Points to Keep in Mind while Shopping for Your Car Insurance Policy Renewal

 Comparing and Choosing the Type of Plan

There are a number of car insurance plans available in the market. To ensure that you can choose from the best it’s essential to compare and renew car insurance policy online on a trusted platform. It is essential to note that third-party insurance is not enough. It is important that you shift to comprehensive car insurance at the time of renewal because the policy you choose cannot be changed till the next renewal timeline.

 Add-on Features: Zero Depreciation Cover, Hydrostatic Cover

Some of the highly beneficial add-ons or riders available with standard comprehensive car insurance are:

  • Zero-Depreciation Cover: Using the Zero dep cover, the full value of the car is covered and the full claim is received at the time of emergency without adjusting the costs of wear and tear in the car machinery.
  • Hydrostatic Cover: It covers the loss that occurred due to waterlogging.

Cashless Garage Facility at Affiliated Garage

Car insurance companies have affiliations with garages which are then called the network garages. At network garages, one can get a cashless repair facility in case of an accident. Look for the network garages affiliated with the insurance company when you renew car insurance and opt for a new plan.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The terms and conditions of current plans are often changed or added to by insurance companies. Any changes that may affect the coverage you receive should be communicated to you. If you are dissatisfied with the characteristics of your existing insurance, you have a number of options. When it comes to auto insurance, you have the option of switching to a different insurance provider if the terms are better.


  • No-Claim Bonus: You’ll get a bonus of 5-10% of your IDV on renewal if you haven’t filed a claim on your vehicle insurance policy in a year. On renewal, the NCB should be evaluated, especially if there was no claim the previous year and the NCB should be carried forward. NCB can reach a maximum of 50% in some cases.
  • Renewal Quote: Thoroughly go through the renewal quote- IDV offered, add-ons, deductibles. NCB or other details.
  • Portability: Check if your new insurer offers a portability option of certain features. Because a car insurance policy’s No-Claim Bonus and other perks can be transferred from one insurer to another, it’s critical to double-check that all of these benefits have been preserved when you switch insurers.
  • Claim Procedure: The most important aspect of a good car insurance company is their ease of claim procedure and its claim-settlement ratio. Check on the same before making the final choice.

Check the Coverage Terms

The Insured Declared value is the base amount specified by the insurer for that year’s current market value of the vehicle that is provided in the event the vehicle is stolen or damaged.

Make Timely Declaration

Your information must be updated with the insurer just as the insurer must notify you of any changes to the policy’s terms and conditions. Notify your auto insurance company if you’ve installed a CNG conversion kit. If your declaration is missing or out of date, you may have issues in claiming.

Renew on Time

Last but never least, car insurance renewal online must be done on time to ensure that you don’t have to pay heft charges or go through the lengthy procedure of buying comprehensive car insurance again from scratch.

How to renew car insurance online? It’s easy and can be done in two steps. The above-mentioned points must be kept in mind and considered closely when going for car insurance renewal online. These will ensure that you make an informed decision and enjoy all benefits of a car insurance policy.