I think we all know about the importance of having land papers with us and especially for the small districts and state. It is because sometimes there can be legal litigation on the property if the owner does not verify the ownership. Therefore, It is more important to have land records with us in 2020. This article is all based on getting Apna Khata Khasra Khautani Jamabandi Nakal online.

However, I need to explain about the Apna Khata first. Apna Khata is an initiative from the Rajasthan government to make every land records online. Therefore, people can quickly find and download their land records over the internet, and also they do not have to spend most of their time standing in a queue in the revenue department offices.

How To Search Apna Khata Khasra Khatauni in Rajasthan?


It is one of the quick and easiest processes. You only need to follow the steps I have given below for getting Apna Khata Khasra Khatauni in Rajasthan.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Apna Khata aka, portal.
  • There, it would help if you found your district from the map given on the homepage.
  • Select the district and then the tehsil from the list.
  • You need to enter some required information asked on the screen for getting your proper land records online.
  • Once found, you can download its front and back page and take a print out for future references only.
  • That’s it.

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Benefits of Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal:

There are many benefits to using this portal. Some of the benefits I have added below in the points. I hope this could help you to understand the real value.

  • It saves most of the people time they spend the ongoing revenue department for this piece of paper.
  • It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get land records online.
  • It also does help in the legal verification of the property.
  • It also verifies the original owner of the property and also saves from any legal legitimation.
  • There is an only internet connection, and some patience is required to get this document.

Importance of Jamabandi Nakal:


Apart from the uses, the importance of this document carries more value. Therefore, It makes it essential for the people residing in Rajasthan.

  • We can use this document for the mortgage of selling this property.
  • This document is also essential for taking a loan from any bank.
  • It also verifies the real ownership of the owner.
  • This document has everything including the owner’s name, address and ancestral name for proper verification.

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This is how we search for Apna Khata Khasra Khatauni online from the Apna Khata portal. This makes it quicker and easier for every person residing in Rajasthan. It is because they now do not have to waste their time standing in queue for the document in the revenue department. You will find every detail in this article above and still if there is anything left to ask then feel free to comment down below.