Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of preparing for retirement? Do you wonder how you’ll pay for your kids’ college expenses? If you haven’t made plans for these things and don’t know where to start, you’d likely benefit from seeking the advice of a financial planner.

A financial planner can help you get out of debt and find the best ways to invest your money without exposing your savings to financial ruin. Peter Comisar reports that those most likely to get ahead financially and be better prepared for retirement are those who seek the advice of financial planners.

Here are some reasons you may need a financial planner.

You’re Getting a Divorce

A divorce is stressful enough without worrying about how you’ll support your children or pay child support. There will also be issues as to who gets what. A financial planner can help you make decisions and choose the right investments to provide for your children and your future.

You’re Expecting

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy, you want the best future you can provide for your child. A financial planner can not only help you plan for the added expenses of a child but can also help you prepare for that child’s college expenses down the road.

You Want to Retire Early

If you’d like to quit working in your fifties or even forties, you’ll need a more aggressive plan for saving and investing for the future. A financial planner will show you how to get out of debt quicker and come up with the right investments to get you on the fast track to financial freedom.

You’re Inheriting Money

If you’ve suddenly come into an inheritance, you need help investing it or that money may fritter away before you know it. A financial planner will help you find a workable way to save and invest that money so that it will grow.

You’re Retiring

While it’s wonderful to have the freedom to pursue those interests you love without that nine-to-five job getting in the way, you also face the reality of no income.  Less income means you’ll have to come up with a plan to spend less to avoid getting into debt during your golden years. A financial planner will help you make the right decisions.

No matter where you are in life, a financial planner can help you achieve your goals and prepare for a prosperous and comfortable retirement.