SBI is one of the largest as well as a public bank in this sector which have up to 15,000 branches. Apart from that, they offer multi-features and services to their customers. The bank has five names which are associated such as state bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, state bank of Mysore, state bank of Hyderabad, state bank of Travancore and state bank of Patiala. Check steps to SBI net banking below.

What to know more?

The bank is known as a safeguard, which has a powerful infrastructure with 15,000 branches all over the country. The application of the bank is completely followed by the latest updates in technology to keep the transaction safe, hassle, and easy for everyone. There are some big advantages which make the bank preferable, such as:

  • You can generate the account statement online
  • The funds can be transferred online simple and easily
  • You can pay the bills without any hassle
  • The tax payments can also be made

The bank has different options which make it comfortable for everyone regardless of their age and need.  SBI offers net banking so you can enjoy the best experience in banking. Apart from that, it keeps everything protected, easy, and accessible for the account holder. With easy customer support, you can get in touch with them too.

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How to Register for SBI Net Banking?


If you are registering your account for net banking, you must need to follow. However, you should also know there a few conditions applied, such as:

  • You need to have the account with the bank so you can get the access as well as the services of net banking
  • Your mobile number must be officially linked with the bank
  • You need to have an ATM card which is valid
  • You must not apply for the net banking in the branch
  • Here are the steps for you to follow so you can register or activate the net banking:
  • You need to visit the official website first of SBI net banking
  • Click on the new user registration or activation. Here you will get the pop up which will ensure that you haven’t received any kit from the bank. You now click on the Ok option.
  • For the first-timers, you need to click on the new user registration where you get the down menu and click the next option
  • Once you are done with that, you get the new page. Here you have to add the information such as account number of yours, CIF number, branch code, registered mobile number, etc. after that fill the captcha and move forward with next step
  • Well, you can get all these deals on your passbook’s first page. In case you don’t have the branch code, you can use the get branch code option to find one. You also need to enter your state as well as a location for that. well you get the three options under the facility required, you need to choose view, limited transaction and full transaction right
  • Once you choose it, you can click the submit
  • You get the OTP on your number, submit and fill the captcha. 
  • After this, here you get the pop up where you will find the temporary username. Create your password and make sure you note it somewhere so you can log in once you are done with the registration process
  • Your password should be eight characters long, must have added a special character, one number, as well as upper- and lower-case alphabets
  • You can log in after one hour. Now you can create your password and username as per your choice. Submit once you are done with that. However, your username must be accepted by the bank to continue first
  • Your password and username cannot be the same. Also, you need to choose the secret questions and fill the answers for security will be helpful to recover the password in case you forget in the future.
  • Now enter the details like birth date, mobile number, and country of birth, etc
  • Click on submit to end the process successfully

SBI Online Login Steps:

Well, once you complete the process for activation or registering, you can easily login. here are the steps that you need to follow

  • Visits the login page of the SBI
  • Click on continue to login
  • Now enter the password as well as the username, submit on the login
  • You successfully log in to your net banking, and now you can access your details.
  • Security tips that you can follow
  • During net banking, it’s important for you to make sure to take care of security as well. Here are a few things that you need to understand:
  • Before you continue, do make sure that you are accessing your online banking account on the official SBI website
  • In case you are using the app, always download it from the google play like official options instead of using the third party or illegal sites. There are chances that the apps can consist of the danger or risk which causes security errors
  • If you get any third-party emails on your account of SBI, make sure you don’t click on it
  • Always remember that the SBI representatives don’t ask for personal information over a call. These kinds of calls are a fraud, and you can lose your money. In case you get such calls. Always report the number to the bank directly.
  • Also, if the email is not claimed by the SBI, do not respond to that one. Make sure you report the email for future safety
  • Any rewards or emails which promise you the rewards in exchange for your personal information, It might be a danger for you
  • Always use the operating system which is latest updated with the security
  • Uses the versions which are latest and updated in browsers 


SBI always offer a protected and secure transaction for their customer. However, it’s advisable to take care of the few things as well. Apart from this, the bank has multi features for those who are using the internet banking facility. You can get the access once you are successfully registered, login, and update all the required details.