One of the most important factors for selling real estate is finding the right clients. After all, if you have no clients, or if you have the wrong clients, you won’t be making any sales and, therefore, you won’t be making any money. Knowing how to market yourself and your skills as a real estate agent is incredibly important for your career. Thankfully, you have options when it comes to marketing. You can try them out and utilize the ones that work best for you.


Real estate prospecting postcards are a great way to reach potential new clients. With so much of marketing and advertising having gone to the internet and other media outlets, sending out postcards in the mail will make you stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

It will also help you reach potential clients who, for all sorts of reasons, may not use social media. Knowing that you are happy to communicate in more old fashioned ways will make them more comfortable with you and it will give you an advantage over other agents.

Social Media

While sending out postcards is an important and effective method, you still can’t neglect your social media presence. As much as you want to reach those who don’t use social media and make them comfortable, you want to do the same for those who do.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Social media platforms can reach far and wide, giving you a wide range of diverse clients.


Personal referrals are some of the best marketing there is. Referrals require no financial investment from you and they will provide you with high-quality clients. People love to get referrals from those they know when making important decisions because it gives them more accurate information than they would otherwise have.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

You’ll likely find some that methods work better than others but it’s always a good idea to keep your options open and use more than one method at a time.