One lucrative way of making a profit in the capital market is through bond trading. Trading bonds is profitable because they are not highly volatile. Unlike stocks whose future earnings cannot be predicted, bonds have fixed payments for a certain period.

The investors decide the amount they will pay for a given bond. The decision is influenced by how much inflation they expect to erode the value of the fixed payments over a given time. Bonds are usually traded in the secondary market after they are issued. Therefore, most bond trading happens between large broker-dealers who act on their clients’ behalf.

Trade Bonds With Saxo

The price and the yield of the bond determine its value in the secondary market. Success in bond trading depends on the choice of the broker. With so many brokers in the market, it may be confusing on which broker to pick on. However, you should not be worried because Saxo Capital Market is there for you.

 Why Trade Bonds With Saxo?

1. Saxo Offers Ultra- Competitive Bonds Commissions

The Saxo Capital Market has three levels of pricing, depending on the account tier. The prices of the bonds in the Singapore market have equivalent value if traded in another currency. The three levels of pricing are classic, platinum, and VIP.

The classic level has minimum initial funding of SGD 300,000. This level has the industrial-leading entry price and has the best-in-class digital service and support. The clients are offered 24/5 technical and account support.

The platinum level has minimum initial funding of SGD 1, 500,000. Investing in the platinum level gives the client up to 30% lower prices. The client has a priority for local language customer support. There is also 24/5 technical and account support.

The VIP level gives the client priority service and direct SaxoStrat access. In addition to other benefits in other levels, the client enjoys extra benefits of having direct access to the trading experts 24/7, priority customer support and exclusive event invitations.

The Singapore market gives a standard commission rate that starts at 0.20%. The rates reduce to as low as 0.05 % as the client trades more.

2. Trade Bonds Digitally

Saxo Capital Market has an online platform which allows the clients to trade their bonds digitally. The SaxoStrat platform is easy to use and access. The trade bonds are in the same platform with other assets. It is, therefore, possible to use the bond holdings as collateral for margin trading.

 3. Saxo Is an Award-Winning Platform

SaxoTraderGo is an award-winning trading platform that is powerful and easy-to-use. The platform has powerful bond trading tools that have over 50 technical indicators. The platform also has integrated Trade Signals and innovative risk- management tools. Clients have access to over 5,000 online and 33,000 offline bonds. The easy-to-use platform allows you to trade from PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

4. Saxo Has Over 25 Year Expert Service

Saxo Capital Market has been around for more than 25 years. The Singapore market has over 800,000 satisfied customers and is known for its world-class service. Saxo is a financially stable market that serves clients in a170 countries. It is also fully licensed and regulated in 15 jurisdictions across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

5. Saxo Capital Market Offers 24-Hour Expert Service

Clients throughout the world get technical, and account queries support 24-hour whenever markets are open. All clients, whether high or low-volume, receive first-class support in line with their need. Saxo has a dedicated team of relationship managers, sales traders, and trading experts who are always willing to help.

Saxo Capital Market platform has integrated digital support. The digital support enables the clients to access the self-service support centre, email helpdesk, and a variety of educational courses. The Singapore market has exclusive VIP services, where members enjoy the best prices, priority support, and exclusive event invitations.