The Standard Chartered Bank provides an array of credit cards to the customers. With these cards, you can get cashback on phone, fuel, and utility bills.

Besides, there are rewards for entertainment, online shopping, and movies. Standard Chartered launched its plan of approval in principle for the customers to apply for credit cards online in September 2011. Since then, the services enable the customers to get instant approval of the decision regarding the individual’s credit card application.

Credit Card Advantages:

If you are intending to make the most of the Standard Chartered credit cards you have to know how to use them smartly.

When it the transactions, the customer gets options for borrowing at no hidden cost. Besides, it also offers extra protection from frauds along with some other money-saving features including rewards and cashback.

  • Convenient- if you are purchasing something and you are out of your budget then you can afford it with the help of a credit card due to the availability of cashless transactions with multiple currencies. It further increases the credit rating for quick loan approval.
  • Safety PIN- this system charges 0% interest in purchasing goods and services. You have to only make sure to pay the amount fully before the end of the interest-free period.
  • EMI facility- enables the credit card holder to convert the certain purchase into EMI through the credit card. The feature allows the consumers to pay off the credit card debt at lower interest cashback and rewards.

The Specialty of Credit Cards by Standard Chartered Bank:


There are certain special aspects that let this Bank stand out of the crowd. The Standard Chartered Bank is one of the oldest of its kind.

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The client segments include commercial and private banking, corporate and institutional banking, as well as retail banking.

  • Good life program-you will get plenty of offers and discounts on Healthcare, Lifestyle, movie, shopping, travel, dining to name a few categories.
  • Availability to buy anything on EMI-the The customers get the opportunity to convert even the biggest expenditures to easy EMI with the Standard Chartered credit card. Moreover, no charges will be levied even if the EMI is pre-closed.
  • Availability to get digital payment solutions- the Standard Chartered Bank gives its customers options for instant payment solutions. Some of the remarkable options are BBPS, Samsung pay, internet banking and mobile banking.
  • 360-degree rewards-the The customers get the easiest ways to redeem rewards online banking with Standard Chartered mobile service. With this, a cardholder can continuously check the balance to make an instant and convenient card payment. Besides, you will get credit card service, bill payment, fund transfer, prepaid, mobile top-up to countless options. So, now enjoy faster checkout secure payment with a low rate of interest.
  • Assured savings- the Standard Chartered credit card charges are quite low when compared to several other credit cards. So, you will get cashback on fuel, utility bills and phone.


  • Standard Chartered Ultimate Card
  • Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Platinum Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Credit Card

How to Apply for the Credit Card?


Individuals can apply for the credit card either through online or offline mode.

All you need to do is to fill in the details correctly and provide the delivery document.

If they are opting for offline mode, the applicants can go to the nearest branch of Standard Chartered Bank apply for the credit card facility. Then, he or she can evaluate the options available and make the choice of the credit card as per the requirement. Once the bank verifies the card, they will finally call for issuing the credit card.

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The procedure is available in the online mode where the applicants to visit the official website of Standard Chartered Bank>>> click on our products >>>select credit card options >>>go to in credit cards to avail cashback rewards and travel options. The applicant can then go through the benefits and features of each type of credit card before finalizing the choice. The procedure is simple. However, it is good to remember that based on the eligibility criteria, the applicant will receive the credit card.

Why should one choose only Standard Chartered Bank’s Credit Card?

The Standard Chartered Bank presents Global capabilities with the development of deep local knowledge. It provides a range of products and services to meet the needs of the individuals as well and some business clients. With the development of deep local knowledge, they offer a range of advantages ranging from reward points to helpful payment options. These aspects let it stand out with its tailor-made service

Final Words:

If you provide all the relevant documents, you will get the credit card up and running in 9 days of approval. With such a convenient system and range of support services like NEFT, Visa, money transfer, online banking, cheque or demand draft, the bank is performing remarkably well to satisfy the clients.