IDBI bank is the largest bank to provide the best corporate and personal banking services to the customers. There is a wide range of accounts you can open with IDBI accounts. They do even have the best interest rates on the fixed deposits. However, sometimes we do think that there is no need to get our account opened with any particular bank. So, you don’t need to keep any specific account. You can close your account anytime if you are an account holder of IDBI Bank.


Everyone has a personal reason to close any bank account. The reason can be like whether they do not want to continue their banking services with a particular bank or else, they are not maintaining minimum balance which incurs charges. There can be many other reasons for some to closing their bank account with IDBI Bank.

how to close idbi bank account

What are the ways to close the IDBI Bank Account?

There are two ways to close your bank account of IDBI bank, and the methods are:

  1. By visiting branch
  2. Via online.

#1 By Visiting Branch:

We get almost every service by visiting our main branch, but it is a time-consuming task and, we need to wait for our turn to get our issue resolved or for putting any request. If you want to close your IDBI bank account then first, you need to visit the branch along with all the details and ATM card of particular account you are having.

Ask them for account cancellation form and fill the form, return the ATM, cheque book and other things. That’s it. It is a simple process to close your bank account, and if any balance is there, then it will get refunded back to you.

#2 Via Online:

The second method to close the IDBI bank account is via using IDBI Net Banking. We do know that no one likes to visit the branch and therefore, internet banking is there to solve all the day to day banking problems. Apart from the fund transfer and other things, you can also request for closing your bank account with IDBI bank by downloading a simple form and send it back to the bank.

However, you must return everything attach to your bank account.

Note: There are no charges for the closing account. If anyone does ask any cost, then you can report on the anti-corruption helpline number of IDBI bank.


Many persons want to close their bank account with any specific bank, and there can be a lot of reasons for doing the same. However, the bank doesn’t ask any particular reason for closing any bank account associated with IDBI bank. You need to return the things and fill the form, and your account will be closed.

IDBI bank is one of the top government sector banks of India. But still, some of the people are unhappy with their services. IDBI don’t ask any reason for closing any particular bank account associated with them. Do let us know in the comments section if you need anything more to know.