There are very simple options that you have to follow for checking ICICI credit card application status online. Well before you start always keep the basic information like your application number with yourself. So you don’t have to face any kind of issues.  Not just that, apart from that keep your PAN card number, birth date, mobile number and other further details that are given on your documents.

When you are ready with all basic information, here are few steps that you should follow:

  1. Visit the online portal of ICICI bank
  2. Once you land on the site, you will get an option ‘track my application status’ on the corner side of a page (Top right).
  3. Click the option and it will redirect your request to the login page where you will get an application to fill.
  4. Here you will get two options in forms, where you have to fill the information and details.
  5. a) The first option in form is for those who don’t have their application number with them. If you don’t have your application number then you have to fill information like your mobile number and date of birth. After that, you will get an OTP on your phone number. After filling the OTP on given blanks you can check your status. However, make sure that your number is registered.
    b) Another one is for those who have their application number with them. For checking the status, you just have to fill the number along with your registered phone number and date of birth. After you complete the process, you can access your application status.

ICICI Bank Help

About ICCI Bank

ICICI bank also stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.  Well, ICICI is basically a multinational Indian bank as well as financial services providing company. Headquarter of the ICICI bank is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. Also, it is counted as a second largest bank when it comes to assets and capitalization in the market.

The bank also registers in the list of top four banks which also includes bank like Punjab national bank ( PNB),  Bank of Baroda and state bank of India. Well, ICICI is an officially registered company in Vadodara, but currently, they also have their subsidiaries in foreign countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. ICICI bank also shares their branches to other different countries which include Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United States, South Africa, and Indonesia.

Types of ICICI Credit Cards

ICICI credit cards are distributed in different types for different purposes that have its own benefits for the customers. However, they have its own criteria which have to meet before you apply.  However, here is the list of types that you will get in ICICI Credit cards.

  1.    Sapphire  Visa Credit cards
  2.    Rubyx Visa credit cards
  3.    ICICI Bank Carbon
  4.    Visa Signature card
  5.    Platinum Identity credit card
  6.    Ascent American Express credit card
  7.    British Airways classic credit card
  8.    Platinum credit card
  9.    Titanium credit card

How to Check ICICI Credit Card Application Status Offline

Well, if you are not very comfortable with the online credit card application status process then you can also try the offline options. For that, there are two basic methods, such as:

ICICI Bank Customer care number

1. Contact customer care: For helping icici credit card status customer care, there is an official customer care number that ICCI Branch has.  Also, for credit card checking you can call on 1800 103 8181. However, make sure that you have your application number with yourself. Once your call gets connected with the customer care executive, they will ask for the application number in order to process your request.

2. Visit the ICICI branch: If not that, you can also visit the nearest branch of the ICICI bank from where you can check your credit card application status. However, make sure you have the necessary information with yourself.

However, there are few stages that you will get in your application status when you go for the online option. These statuses refer to different meanings, such as

  • In process:  well this means that your application is on the process and still the bank is processing all your documents for verification.
  • On hold:  However, there are different reasons if you are getting on hold status on your application. It army be because of documents that are misleading, not completed, confusing or any other thing. In such condition, the bank usually asks for clarification and to submit proofs, also you will receive a call from them.
  • Approved: If your application status is approved it means your given documents are accepted by the bank and soon you will get your credit card
  • Dispatched:  It means that your card is dispatched and you will receive within a few days. However, it takes 2 or 3 days to deliver. Also before they dispatch the card, either you will get an email or call or message for further information. Not just that, the applicant will get their card once the verification is over.
  • Disapproved:  It’s mostly mean that your application for a credit card is rejected by the bank. However, your application can be disproved due to lots of reasons. Sometimes the applicant failed to provide the information or simply they can’t meet the criteria of an eligible candidate. Once your application got rejected, you will get a message from the bank. But they don’t specify the reason so for knowing that you can call on ICICI customer care.
  • No records found:  It may be because you didn’t fill out the accurate information.

How to Login into ICICI Credit Card Online

If you want to login into your ICICI credit card online, here are the steps that will help you:

  1.    Before you start, call the customer care and authenticate yourself. After you are done with that, choose option self-banking so you can receive the user ID.
  2.    After you received your user ID, you have to generate the password for the account, Makes sure you follow the basic instruction while generating the password.
  3.    Once you get your password and User ID, you are free to log in whenever you want.

Well, if you want to log in through using self-banking, then here is what you have to know

  1.    Before you start, call the ICICI customer care and ask for language option
  2.    Choose whatever language you want.  for a credit card, you have to choose option 2

III. After that, Enter the credit card number and the PIN card number you have

  1.    For knowing the user ID, choose the option 1
  2.    If not, and you want to rest your User ID, choose option 3.

How to Pay ICICI Credit Card Bill Online

For paying the ICICI credit card bill online, there are few steps that you have to follow. However, if you are using your debit card, here is how you can pay the bill online

Step 1:  the first basic step is to select the card by which you are going to pay. In the options, choose the debut card type.

Step 2: after you complete the selection part, the next step is to provide the information related to credit card.  Here is the information that you have to fill

  •    You have to enter your 15 0r 16 digit credit card number twice.
  •    Before you click on pay now, enter the amount that you have to pay
  •    After clicking on pay now option, you will get a select payment gateway page.

Step 3: The third part is to confirm the payment that you have to make.  For that, you are going to enter your authentication that was requested. As soon you will fill the information, the amount will be debited from your debit card

Step 4:  Once your payment is done and the amount gets debited from your debit card. You will get a confirmation message where they will confirm that you completed the transaction and it was successful.


Electronic payments are on trend. It’s not just simple, hassle-free and easy but also safe too.  There is no doubt that it’s a great revolution which changed the complete banking system where most of the population is going cashless. For making the option more easily there are various things that are introduced like a credit card, debit card, and e-wallets. There are lots of people who are opting for credit cards more and more.  ICICI bank is availing such services to their costumes so they can also enjoy the benefit of having a credit card. You can apply for ICICI credit card; however, there are two options either you can go online or offline.  Once you filled your application and apply for credit card, you also have to track the status to know how much time it will take. These days it’s easy to track as most of the banks have its app, whereas ICICI bank provides the simple options so you can see the status of your application.