Raising your credit score is a necessary task if you want to get the things you desire in life. You can start a mission to raise your score today by following some of the golden rules. These are some of the top guidelines to help you get where you need to be:

Put the Brakes on Using Credit

The first step to fixing your credit number is to stop using credit. That can be difficult during times of struggle when it’s hard to get from one paycheck to the next. Many people have probably taken a step down in credit scores over the past few years. Still, it’s best not to use your credit while you’re working on your score if you can help it. A MaxLend loan might be the best way to get some money under the radar. MaxLend may be able to offer you an installment loan that won’t show up on your credit report as long as you pay it back to them on time. That could be a good way to get through these tough times without having them affect your credit score.

Do not Make Senseless Inquiries

Try to avoid making senseless inquiries. In other words, don’t apply for credit cards or loans that you will have no chance of getting. You can first complete a preapproval form to see if you can get a preapproval from the company. If so, then you’ll know that your odds are better than okay. You can then decide whether you desire to take a chance and continue with the application.

Inquiries can stay on your file for up to two years, and they can affect your score after a certain point. It’s good for you to only have two or three items on your credit report each year at most. The few points you can save yourself can go a long way.

Pay Extra Each Month

You may want to pay the minimum amount each month only. However, it’s a wise idea to pay much more than that so that you cover the interest the company charges you. If you cover the interest, then the rest of your payment goes toward the principal, and that’s the goal.

Consolidate Your Debt

You should aim to consolidate your debt if you can. Consolidating your debt means putting it together so that you only have to pay one bill each month. You can only get a consolidation loan if your income and debts are good enough, however. You will have to do it another way if the consolidation won’t work for you.

Check Your Report Periodically

You’re entitled to at least one credit report each year from all three bureaus. You should take advantage of that and grab your report to use it to straighten out your situation. Also visit SCCU

Dispute Old and Inaccurate Information

You have the right to dispute any data on your credit report that looks incorrect. Your score can improve immensely if something gets removed from it. Therefore, it will be wise to enter into a dispute if you see something that doesn’t work well. One account can raise your credit score 20 points or more if it gets removed. Those 20 points can move you into a completely different credit bracket than what you’re in right now, and that can get you closer to something you need, like a house. The bureaus will investigate the information and decide within 30 days.

Try some of the tactics mentioned above so that you can raise your score to a higher and more helpful level. You’ll be glad you put your time and energy into making things better for yourself.