When it comes to personal finance, We all try to build a budget. With the help of the budget, It can become easier for you to plan your spending so that you can know where your money is actually going. EveryDollar is an amazing application that proves to be budgeting software to help you give every dollar a job and provide your game plan for achieving all the financial goals of yours. It is an amazing choice for all those who actually willing to have a simple, back to basics budgeting software.

Apart from this, in the free version of this application, you get the facility of entering all your transactions yourself. This app is quite new but still, it is giving tough competition to other budgeting software. Willing to know more? Here in everydollar review, we have stated all the essential details about the software that will help you out in understanding, the software completely.

What Exactly Every Dollar is?


EveryDollar is basically of budgeting application having its line of MINT, personal capital, and YNAB. The major motive of creating this application is to help the users in making the budgeting process easier and find financial freedom. The major aim of the software is to give every dollar a job. There are two versions available for this application. The first is the free version that comes with free 15 days trial and second is the paid version for which you need to pay the amount of $99 per year.

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What are the Major Features of this Application?

Some of the amazing features of this app include the following.

Multi Transaction Drop

If you are the amazing money-saver then and you will go to three different grocery stores to get the most budgetary buck on pantry essentials, vegetables, and fruits. When you get the best price, you and your budget are happier than ever. Now you are having multiple transactions to put in the grocery category. But now, with the help of this application, you do not need to drop each and every transaction individually. You can easily select all your grocery transactions that once and track them into the designated category without having any complexity.

Split Transactions

Suppose you have gone to a grocery store and purchased some vegetable korma a bottle of champagne and a gift card to give your coworker for her birthday. Now you have spent the amount of $50 but you are not willing to add the whole transaction in the grocery budget. As you are willing to serve the champagne you purchased for dinner this week. Now you do not need to worry about the same as well. Instead of typing in two or three transaction box, please share your fingers and let every dollar application do it for you. It helps you in making the work smarter.

Debt Reduction Tool

We totally understand how it takes to get out of the debts. But it does not mean that budgeting and tracking the progress to become hard. If you are using every dollar plus on your computer then and you can easily plug in your depth and let the software automatically sold them in such a manner that you will feel easy to pay them off. It is one of the coolest features of this software. It will help you in understanding that which you should tackle first and the link will get shrink automatically. And within no time you will get over from all the debts.

Bank Syncing

Nobody wants to have so many papers received in their house to collect dust and clutter. But with the help of every dollar plus software, you can easily say goodbye to all the paperwork. With the help of this feature, you can easily sync your bank account to the budget and automatically it will put all the transactions and you do not need to worry about keeping the tracks

Advantages and Disadvantages of EveryDollar:


Along with all the features, it is necessary for you to understand how this platform will prove to be beneficial for you and what are the disadvantages associated with it. Let’s take a look.

Major advantages of every dollar

  • This platform is very easy to use and the interface is so user-friendly
  • It only focuses on the budgeting part. It totally depends upon what you are willing to have either been good or bad.
  • It features Dave’s baby steps for getting you out from the depth condition.
  • With the help of this application, you can easily get connected to the local experts for getting the best advice or information related to financial aspects.
  • Just like other financial software you will not get combined with so many ads on recommendations.

Disadvantages of every dollar new line

  • If you are using the free version when you have to track all your transactions manually and they will not get synced up with your bank account or the credit cards.
  • The paid version is quite expensive as you need to pay the amount of $99 for the year. If you consider all other free budgeting tools available out there then it is quite hard to pay such amount.


EveryDollar is actually an amazing option available for those who are willing to have a simple; back to basic budgeting software.it is an amazing option available for all those who are willing to get their finance organized. Apart from this, the baby steps are also amazing for arranging financial securities.