Gone the days where we need to visit the branch every time for getting our smaller tasks done. In the world of digital marketing, everything is digital now. Even in India, most of the states started accepting online payments. Most of the outlets like petrol pumps, shops etc. started using digital payment services. The same we are going to discuss today IDBI Bank Mobile Banking services and how to transfer funds online?

IDBI bank is one of the leadest banks in the government banking sector. Currently, It all set to provide all the modern facilities to the customers.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking – Getting access to your full account. In simple words, you can do anything with your bank account, like from transferring funds to requesting a cheque book online. IDBI Mobile banking currently offering a variety of services that we need today. Like instant money transfer, RTGS, NEFT and many other things.


How to Activate IDBI Mobile Banking?

There is a simple process to activate mobile banking. If you have access over the internet banking of IDBI bank, then you can do the same by login into internet banking. Otherwise, you need to visit your branch for the same application.

Once the mobile banking is activated, You can download the application named IDBI Go+ Mobile banking. You only need to log in using your net banking credentials and verify your device that’s it.

Note: You must visit your branch for further activation.

How to Transfer Funds using IDBI Mobile Banking?

First of all, let me tell you there is no single charge for transferring funds using online or mobile banking. If you are an account holder of IDBI, you must know this. Let’s come to the main point.

For transferring funds, first, you need to add payee either same IDBI account or another bank account. Most of the banks take up to 24 hours for the activation. Once the payee account is activated, you can transfer funds up to 50000rs using IMPS and infinite using NEFT as a payment option.

Features of IDBI Mobile Banking:

  • You can get a virtual debit card.
  • You can apply for any loan using mobile banking.
  • You can transfer funds anytime from anywhere.
  • You can request for a new chequebook.
  • Handy application.
  • You can check your account statement.
  • You can check your account balance.
  • You can calculate EMI using EMI Calculator.


In the world of digitalization, Mobile banking is all which is in trend. Many of the users now believe the safest way of transacting online in Mobile banking. This not only saves their time but their valuable charges and expenses as well. Meanwhile, if you are an account holder of IDBI bank, you must have applied for internet banking. If you already have access over the internet banking then use for IDBI mobile banking for access all the same features on your phone. Meanwhile, you can transfer funds, request for cheque book get your balance anytime using this application.