Nowadays, nobody wants to live in a rented house. The reason is you need to pay the rent every month, and still, you need to hear everything from the house owner. Who doesn’t wants to build their house? It is not difficult anymore. Nobody has all the cash ready with them to go and purchase any property. Therefore, IDBI bank comes with a solution for providing home loans to the customers at low-interest rates.

IDBI Bank was established in 1964 and was famous for providing all the financial credits to the ones who need. Currently, IDBI bank is one of the best banks for personal and corporate banking services. Let’s have a look at all the details like the interest rates charged, eligibility and benefits of IDBI home loan.

Interest Rates on Home Loans:


IDBI bank does offer the different interest rates depend on various categories. It is essential to understand the cost factors which include on home loans from the IDBI bank and the average interest rates ranges from 8.50 to 8.65% respective to different genders.

Loan Amount

  • Up to Rs. 25 Lakh
  • Rs. 25 Lakh – 75 Lakh
  • Rs. 75 Lakh – 2 Cr
  • Above Rs. 2 Cr

IDBI Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

  • 8.40%
  • 8.55%
  • 8.65%
  • 8.65%

The rate for Female Borrower

  • 8.35%
  • 8.50%
  • 8.60%
  • 8.60%

Features of IDBI Bank Home Loan:

  • IDBI Bank home loan is available for both salaried and self-employed person.
  • There are special rates for women customers.
  • For the age of 22-65, home loans are granted.
  • There is the security of the property papers of the property you are buying or building.
  • 90% loan to value ratio.
  • The tenure can be last up to from five to thirty years.
  • 8.35% to 8.65% is the interest ranges.
  • Lowest EMI of 758rs per lakh.

Eligibility Criteria:

Now the thing is, are you eligible for getting your home loan approved from the IDBI bank? However, if you are, then the things you need to see or check which can affect your loan amount as well. Anyway, the list of eligibility is here:

  • You need to show your salary proof or business in case of self-employed.
  • Income proof.
  • Age proof.
  • Your qualifications.
  • The number of dependents under you.
  • Co-applicant income and source.
  • Your ITR.
  • Savings History
  • Your credit score.

These are the eligibility requirements for getting your loan approved from the IDBI bank. One of the essential thing in this list is your credit score. In the last, that will the most foreseen point at the time of your loan disbursal.


The fact is, you need to save 20% of your savings first to get your loan approved from the IDBI bank. For example, if you are purchasing the property of rs 50 lakh then 20% of 50 lakh whichever is 10 lakh rs you need to have with you. The bank will cover the rest of the amount by funding the loan to your account. Learn how to login to IDBI Bank Net Banking online.


We do know that IDBI bank is one of the leading banks for providing all the day to day banking services to the customers. From 1964, It is providing all the financial needs to the customers at lower interest rates. In this post, we have mentioned all the details about the IDBI bank home loan and the Interests which is charged.